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Election 2020

BREAKING NEWS: Trump Tulsa Rally Cover Up – Tulsa Mayor Implicated




***Co-Authors: Kim Spain, Alven Miller, MaRanda Kerley***

Screening gates shut at Tulsa Trump Rally in hours prior to Trump’s address as Mayor denies gates were closed.

Contrary to mainstream media reports that President Trump’s June 20th rally in Tulsa Oklahoma was not a sellout, eyewitness reports allege that the gates leading to the screening area to enter the rally were shut between 5 p.m. and 6:15 p.m. – a crucial time as crowds were flowing in two hours before the rally.

Clayton Cummings of Channel 9 admits gates were all closed but then states there was a pre-determined closing time.

Eyewitness testimonies, given exclusively to CitizenMediaNews, all told of being denied entry through the barricades in order to proceed to the BOK Arena. Their stories are all similar, but vary, depending on the particular gate/barricade in which they were located.

The most prominent story seems to be that of an eye witness who was volunteering for the event. This witness heard the fire marshal declare to the Secret Service agent that the venue had reached maximum capacity, and to shut it down.

All health screeners and other volunteers at these perimeter checkpoints were immediately pulled from their posts, some of which were escorted out of the arena, and were unable to remain inside to attend the rally. Our witness, however, was allowed to stay for the duration of the rally.

This time frame of the call made by the Fire Marshall is significant and validates the time according to all other witnesses still outside the barricades of the final lockdown of all gates, in which no other person was allowed entry.

When these supporters requested a reason as to why they could not gain entry into the venue, they were told that all screeners had left and that no additional attendees could enter the venue or the surrounding area.

We must clarify that the gates referred to in this statement as being closed are NOT entrance gates into the BOK arena.  We are referring to the 3 initial barricade screening entrances placed several blocks around the perimeter of the venue.  These were the initial entrance checkpoints where supporters wishing to attend the rally had to submit to health screenings, metal detectors and other security screening measures prior to being allowed to begin the 2-3 city block walk from the gates/barricades to finally arrive at the BOK Center.

Subsequently, the media narrative began to develop quite rapidly, that the Trump rally was a complete bust, and that he could not even fill the arena, much less the overflow area where the jumbotron live feed was to occur for the outdoor portion of the rally.

The so-called “low turnout” was their reason for dismantling the overflow area altogether, claiming no one else was there wanting to get in. All the while, thousands of supporters were stranded outside of the barricades, several blocks away from the BOK, unable to enter the overflow area to participate in the rally.

Not only is this a violation of the first amendment right of the citizens who wished to attend a political rally, but it is also a form of election fraud/tampering by purposely sabotaging the attendance of the president elect’s campaign for re-election rally.

We can only surmise from the various statements and the firsthand accounts that the City of Tulsa in coordination with the BOK administration, orchestrated the infringement of citizens rights to attend a political rally in an attempt to sabotage the rally of President Trump

Tulsa Mayor, GT Bynum, stated in his Facebook post on Wed. 6/24/20 “Everyone who wanted to be in the building as the event began was in the building.” Then referred to those who were denied entry as part of “some grand conspiracy.”

Facebook screen image of Tusla Mayor GT Bynum in June 24, 2020.

On Mon, 6/22, Tulsa Police Dept posted a statement asserting that the brief period of approximately 30 minutes where an entry was closed down due to protesters was “the only time ‘local law enforcement in Tulsa’ closed a gate, thereby restricting anyone from entering the event.”

Despite multiple attempts by numerous witnesses to present their firsthand experiences of being locked out of the venue prior to Trump’s address, most media continue to not be interested in their stories and even deny that they have been contacted by these witnesses.

Lori Fullbright on Channel 6 denies corresponding with those with first-hand accounts.

Channel 23’s Shae Rozzi and Justin Ayers show initial interest in reporting the story but never responded after the first correspondence.

Erin Conrad of Channel 2 refuses to answer messages though she was reporting on the ground during the rally.  We have contacted her repeatedly to follow up on possible reporting of gate closures.

We have gathered the testimony of many people who were denied entry to the Trump rally during the hours between 5 pm and 7 pm.  Below are their stories:

  • “The Secret Service locked down the gates around 6 pm … at 6th & Denver. My wife was there with my teenage kids and a few thousand Trump Supporters…and were turned away.” – Anonymous.
  • “My husband worked with TPD (and others) at the gate. They were told to shut the gate by ‘staffers’ when protestors began blocking it. They pushed the crowd back then reopened the gate for a little while.  The TPD doesn’t determine who gets in and who doesn’t, the “staffers” working the gate determine that.  The PD just helps to enforce that when people refuse to leave or try to push their way in.  The gate was ultimately closed about 6 pm when ‘staffers’ told us to close it as they were not letting anyone else inside the BOK.” – Anonymous.
  • “1000’s more peaceful and positive supporters with tickets are not being allowed past barricades. We were told there are ‘no more screeners’ to let us through the checkpoints.  We were told to go home.  If you hear there is a poor turnout, it’s simply not true.” – Rachel.

  • “…the barricades/health checkpoints were 2 city blocks away from BOK. Everyone that got through those checkpoints were in fact let into the BOK.  We, among, many others, did not get through the barricades to even attempt walking to the BOK…We were told they were not letting anyone else through the checkpoints due to lack of screeners at 6 pm.  We were at the barricade at 4th and Boulder from 5:00 to 7:00 pm.” – M.K. – Husband pictured below.


  • “I have a friend on TPD that was there, and he said they were not letting the majority of the supporters in – not the TPD but the BOK security.” – Anonymous friend of M.K.
  • “I was inside from a little after 2:00 pm until it was over. I wondered why people stopped coming in.  Seems like about 6:00 pm, people stopped coming in.” – friend of R.F.
  • “There were still thousands of people trying to get into the Trump rally when all the gates were shut off. Conveniently, no one seems to know who made the call to close all the gates.” – Anonymous TPD.
  • My husband, daughter and I arrived to the barricade on 4th & Cheyenne about 6 pm. First we tried to go in at 3rd street but it was blocked.  We hung around the 4th street barricade until 7:30 pm.  The National Guard was sitting in chairs and were not really answering any questions.  We were standing to the left side of the barricade.  Ch 9 news interviewed a lady close to us.  They knew we were unable to go in…I understand that they needed screeners but why were they all let go? By the way, we never saw protesting except on the main street.” – JoDeen.
  • “We were at the entrance on Denver in front of the courthouse at 6 pm and they had just locked the gates. We asked why and they didn’t know.  They could not give us a reason.” – Suzanne

  • “We couldn’t even get to the gate! The barricades were on 4th street with the National Guard…We couldn’t get past 5th  We were late…we weren’t sure we would get in but never expected the barricades to be what stopped us from trying.” – Melissa.
  • “I went to all three gates at 6:30 and tried calling police friends on the inside to get me into no avail.” – Dustie.
  • “My friends and I arrived a little late. After arriving, we walked towards the BOK.  We noticed several people standing and waiting to get to BOK.  We never made it there or to the jumbotron area.  Heard the reason was there wasn’t anyone taking temp readings so no one was allowed to proceed to the event.” – David.
  • “We had reserved tickets to attend the rally…At the exact moment we approached the first barrier, there were police lined up at the opening at 6:05 pm who told us that we could not enter. They said that BOK had reached capacity and temperature checkers had left prematurely.  Dumbfounded, we waited another 20 minutes…No other explanation.  – Anonymous.
  • “I parked at 1st & Cheyenne between 5 pm-6 pm. I proceeded p to 2nd, 3rd, 4th, then 5th.  I was told by many in front of me that there were no more screeners and the event was closed.  I went back to 4th & Cheyenne and got the same story.I  was surrounded by many Trump supporters all very upset we couldn’t gain entry.  I had pre-registered and had my tickets on my phone.” – Blake.
  • “We were some of the unlucky ones to not gain entry to the rally. There were several “stories as to why more people were not allowed entrance.  I can tell you that there were at least a couple thousand people where we were waiting….” – Anonymous.
  • “My friend and I arrived downtown at approx. 5 pm to attend the Trump rally. We tried 3 different entrances to get in.  The first entrance we were stopped by a nice national guardsman who told us the entrance was closed and to proceed to the next one a few blocks over.  At the next gate, we were allowed entry through the gate but were stopped at the first screening table by a screener who told us they were shutting down and we had to go to the next gate.  When we got to the 3rd and final gate (I believe it was 3rd and Boulder) there was a crowd of BLM near the front of the closed gate as well as about 100 Trump supporters.  The crowd began to grow as we waited.  We thought they may have closed it because Air Force One had landed.  We were expecting to be let in at any time.  At approximately 6 pm an officer came to the gate and told us we would not be getting in because the screeners had left.  I also noted there were no screeners when we first arrived at the gate at approximately 5:30…” – friend of Bruce.
  • “We were there. They locked the gates before the event even started and wouldn’t let anyone else in.  There were thousands of us who were trying to get in!!  Protesters did block the gate which made them shut it and then after that, the people testing for COVID left way before they were scheduled to and no testing could be done, so gates stayed shut.  Trust me, so many of us were outside wanting in.” – Karli

From a volunteer health screener:

  • I’ve read posts by people saying they didn’t get in because the health checkers left. We would have stayed even if it meant missing the President.  The Secret Service Agent told us the fire marshal said the event was at capacity.  They even turned people back from the metal detectors that made it through the health checks.” – Anonymous

The evidence is overwhelming: this was an outright attempt to blunt the momentum that President Trump has going into the November election.

Not only does our president have to deal with adversaries such as China, Iran, and North Korea, but also the democrats here at home, and even “Republican in Name Only” (RINOs) who all have their foot out trying to hamper the work the President is trying to accomplish on behalf of all Americans: safer streets, a respect for our historical monuments, and greater opportunities for all Americans.

Stopping the people who hold America, and Americans, down is the reason President Trump was elected in the first place. It’s no wonder career politicians of all stripes are desperate to stop a president who has only been in office for three years!

The “organized desperation” of the opposition- whether it’s riots in the streets or preventing good citizens from hearing the presidents message about his accomplishments and plans for his 2nd term, must be scaring a lot of career politicians.

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