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1st Amendment

Social Media Censorship



On Capital Hill this week, Republican lawmakers have been grilling social media companies over their interference with communications. Citizen Media News in the past has reported that we have been the victim of this censorship.

Citizen Media New’s YouTube channel has over 12,500 subscribers, yet there are low views in the twenties or thirties when a report is uploaded. That is twenty or thirty singular, not hundreds or thousands.

20, period, with 12,500 subscribers.

Recently, we noticed that on YouTube, as one community strike is to end, another violated created. In this case, the one strike was a video of interviews with people reacting to seeing President Trump’s speech at CPAC.

CMN has sent an appeal asking for specific guidance regarding what classified ‘misinformation’ with no response.

While this may constitute violations of first amendment rights, there are other repercussions. CMN pays to advertise to drive traffic to the CMN YouTube channel. There is a cost for this advertising. Consistent content creation is required to generate revenue on a YouTube channel. When YouTube places a Standard Community Strike against a channel, that channel cannot upload content. The effect of this is demonetization.

Simply stated, they cancel the ability for a channel to generate revenue because of their subjective community standard strike rules. Still, at the same time, they do not suspend charging for advertising.

Recently, CMN was forwarded information for an individual whose account was placed into Facebook’ Jail”. The reason was classified as ‘Adult Sexual Exploitation.”

The individual filed an appeal for guidance on what rule was violated with no guidance in this regard.

Oh, by the way, what was the picture in question…

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