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College Campus: Cult of Progressivism



The Cult of Progressivism that has encased the modern left in this country is something right out of George Orwell’s novel 1984. In just my ten years after leaving college, I have seen the decay of academic thought crumble on college campuses and into our modern culture.

That’s what happens when you start down the road of Marxism, an ideology that starts out like something new and fresh but quickly begins the decay and leaves nothing behind but rot.

From College Campuses to culture, we are experiencing some significant trends into the cesspool of sickness. You do not have to go too far to see exactly what I mean either. The most recent “Woke” actions come from our very own Sports and Olympic teams, whose members kneel as our National Anthem plays in the background, quickly drawing media attention to the issue of America’s current “oppressive” state from here at home to an international stage.

Hollywood celebrities push talking points about the income gap between men and women while making millions holding awards in front of television cameras. To our very own Congressman and women who spout how evil America is and how it can never shake its past while holding positions of actual power.

The Cult of Progressivism does not make any logical sense. It’s not supposed to. In 1984 the term was called “Double-Speak” (is a language that deliberately obscures, disguises, distorts, or reverses the meaning of words.)

The Progressives are very good at changing the meaning of words and gaslighting any issues they see fit. Go on any college campus today, and most if not nearly all Students will say we must do something about “Hate Speech.” Yet when questioned what is “Hate Speech” and how one goes around regulating speech, that task becomes like a mid-term paper without Google.

Whether it is repackaged and sold many times, Woke or Marxism is still the same flawed system of envy and rage.

What’s the solution then, you may ask.

The best and only cure is to push back and stop bending the knee to these lunatics. Align yourself with others who support your beliefs, go to church, participate in your local government, go to your school board meetings, and stop apologizing when you speak the truth. Be aware and be a voice.

We’ve all sat back for far too long.

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