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The Colonel – A Special Forces Soldier’s Take on Bounty Hunters



Weird about this bounty on service members. I was in Special Forces in the early ’60s. Went to Laos and we heard there was a bounty on us. Joked about it. What a bunch of bologna! The Democrat donkeys will invent anything to put negatives on POTUS.


Now we have yet another attempt by the New York Times (NYT) to disparage and destroy President Trump by any means necessary and spur the beginning of yet Russia Hoax.

This weird NYT story about a Russian-Taliban bounty on U.S. service member’s lives in Afghanistan is a “must comment” for me.

You see, I was a member of the 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne) in the early 1960s and deployed to Laos as an “A” Team leader to take part in a counterinsurgency mission known as “White Star”.

We heard rumors back then that there was a bounty on our heads.

We did not know if it was rumor, true or simply part of the enemies PSYOPS and, quite frankly, I do not remember that we even cared. But we did joke about it because it didn’t matter one iota to us.

We were on an unconventional warfare mission (now the fancy military analysts love to call it asymmetric warfare) and, as in any war, professionals expect stuff to happen.

There are no stress cards in combat and only fools think you can have rules of engagement, including ones related to bounties, and still fight a winning war.

We recently endured three and one-half years of “Russia! Russia! Russia!” based on false narratives and deceitful practices by the elite of the Democrat Party from Hillary (Benghazi) Clinton down through Clapper, Comey, Strzok, Mueller, Pelosi, Adler, Schiff, Schumer and numberless Democrat members of the Congress.

They were aided and abetted by the NYT and an equally anti-Trump mainstream media until we found out that there was “no there, there”.

That there was no collusion with Russia by POTUS or his administration.

We found out that the whole issue was based on an unverified, fabricated fairy tale called the “Steele dossier” that was paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and/or the Democrat National Committee in a brazen attempt to discredit Candidate Trump in the 2016 Presidential race by falsely claiming his campaign had colluded with the Russians (Putin) to beat Clinton.

When Clinton was defeated, the dossier continued to be used by the denizens of the deep state to hamstring and destroy President Donald J. Trump and his Presidency. Never in the history of our great nation has any political party been so overtly power-hungry as to not allow an orderly transition of power from one administration to the next.

Until this churlish act, America’s orderly transition of power was admired and/or envied by the nations of the world.
In the end, after three years and hundreds of millions of dollars and wasted congressional energy, rational people came to understand that the whole adventure was a hoax.

Not having learned from Russia Hoax Number One, here we go with RUSSIA HOAX NUMBER TWO being created the same deep state actors responsible for Hoax one another “Russia” charge based again on unverified information and unidentified sources.

This time the charge is the Russia has put a bounty on American soldiers’ lives.

The story here is simple.

According to NYT, Russian operatives offered bounties to the Taliban and organized criminals to kill American troops and POTUS is doing nothing about it.

In my opinion, the NYT has a less than stellar record when it comes to the veracity of their “unidentified” sources.  In addition, to think that the NYT knows (or cares) what the President is doing or not doing about this allegation is absurd.

Look, if this were a true report and I were President, only a very few persons with the highest of security clearances would know what I was doing or planned to do.

When sandbagged by this unfounded assertion about a Russian-Taliban bounty, President Trump said he had not been briefed on the issue; the HOAX marched on with innuendos that our Commander-in-Chief was being dishonest.

Seems to me that, if anything, lack of candor is not a fault of our President.

Another question comes to mind (but obviously not to the minds of the media):

In an insurgency (asymmetric) situation, could a nation have Special Ops units or clandestine agencies operating semi-independently and with monies to spend as they see fit to accomplish the mission?

BTW, this whole thing may well be the result of some folklore and mystique that has grown from tales by our own troops. The real question is:  Would any of this be in the news if it could not be distorted and used to hurt the Trump campaign for re-election?

RUSSIAN HOAX NUMBER TWO is another bunch of bologna! The Democrat donkeys will invent anything to put negatives on POTUS. This Russian Hoax really has the odor of “number 2”.


-The Colonel

“Graduated from the National War College and earned his master’s degree from GW University. He worked in the aerospace & defense industries prior to his retirement. He retired from the United States Army as a Colonel after 24 years of service. Vietnam Veteran. More recently he stepped up to serve once again as a 3-time State Senator.”

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