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VIDEO: CBS News Pushes Coordinated Hoax During America’s National Crisis



Sunday, CBS News posted on Twitter a video from a hysterical woman, crying over what she said was the lack of concern for nurses, meant obviously to cast fear among the public who are mostly shut in their homes and helpless over the current events.

The video was a hoax.

“I quit my job today, and I wanted to work, I was assigned to a COVID patient on an ICU unit that has been converted to a designated COVID unit.  None of the nurses are wearing masks, ” the woman said in the CBS video.

CBS News felt this was an important news story, and at the time of this post, their story had reached over 5 million views on Twitter alone.


The video carried the messaging that CBS News has been pushing in their social media campaigns highlighting nurses who are fear-ridden, at President Donald J. Trump’s press conferences, and with CBS allies on social media that America is not prepared to manage the COVID Pandemic.

Quickly after the original post was made, posters on Twitter had uncovered the woman’s Instagram account, which helped them expose the CBS hoax.


The following footage shows the nurse/ actress mimicking the personality known as Cardi B, who entertained social media in early April with a video about Corona Virus.

Compare to the Cardi B original:

Where did this woman come from and why did CBS not investigate her background and mental health status?

The woman is known as “nurse.iv” and “nurse.iv4” and social media accounts are full of sexually suggestive poses and content, similar to Cardi B, she shows off a large bottom.

CBS news added music and captions to her Instagram video, so they edited the content.

Citizen investigators vetted the woman and found her accounts where she says that she is “bi-polar” and struggles with understanding reality.

Nurse IV had been on the job for one day, according to Investigative journalist,  Jordan Schachtel.


The actress did change her story, in a twitter conversation with Democrat  Presidential nominee candidate, Bernie Sanders.

She carries the messaging nonetheless.

Citizen Media will continue to follow this story.

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