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Home Studios – Fad of the Future



In this time of home quarantine it seems like everyone is on the internet broadcasting from home or a private location that is not considered a video studio.

Thrust upon us all a few weeks ago, we went from a society whose workplace was in an office or building to now, where virtually everyone is teleworking from home or a private location. Teleworking has led to increased use of videos using apps readily available on social media. This increase in video use has not only been held to the office workplace. It has expanded to k-12 learning, karaoke, simple increased connection with people and even the weatherman is broadcasting from home now.

A phenomena has arisen with people across the planet are now letting you into their homes, virtually of course. Have you been paying attention to how people portray their homes? In this gallery you will find a group of photos that are fun, clever, informative, interesting or just simply distracting.

Many of the younger crowds were already embracing broadcasting from home because of social media apps such as Snapchat and Tik Tok.

Where do you do your live video streaming? Are you in your bedroom with your laundry askew? Prop the camera on the dashboard and film in you car? In your bathroom?

Have you set yourself to come across as a well read individual in front of shelves of books? Perhaps, you want to seem as if you are connected with the world with a globe in the shot?

Sean Larking from A & E’s show “Live PD” tweeted from his home studio.

What makes up a good video from home?

Make sure the camera is at least eye level if not slightly higher. This helps stay away from the up nostril effect.

Paying attention to lighting is paramount. Too bright of a light will wash your image away.

Colors and textures are next. Does the color of your hair or clothing blend in with the background? Is your image crisp and clear all the way around?

Reflective surfaces can be your downfall. Eyeglasses can reflect what is in front of you and even on the screen you are using. Glass surfaces, highly polished furniture and or course mirrors can create bad angled images or glare to distract from the main focus.

The use of props is a good way to keep peoples attention. Guitars, pianos, pets and even babies all are interesting ways of helping to maintain interest.

Bottom line is that it is now a new world that will utilize the tools of the internet and social media differently across many spectrum’s of our society and how we work, play and communicate.

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