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Movement To Engage Evangelical Christians Begins, What Would Billy Graham Say?



A new war on the forefront of the 2020 Presidential election has begun in earnest this month with a focused tweet from President Donald J. Trump, who pointed out the lack of responsibility by Christians to participate in voting.

Many Christians claim that it is not their responsibility to vote, choosing instead to stay impartial, as to not engage in conflict.

Clearly the President, who is supported by numerous Evangelical leaders, feels it is important to engage with Christians.

Some Christians see their civic duty to protect America and are very politically engaged, reminding other Christians that the freedom Jesus provided is not free or easy to come by.

With the rise of leftist ideology tucked into theology, such as we see with JD Greear and the Southern Baptist Convention and their push for “Social Justice” to their large membership, there is a renewed focus on Evangelical Christians to save the Republic by simply voting their values, which is a vote for Trump in 2020.

The left’s increasing demands for abortion, alone, should move Evangelicals to protect God’s design.

In an interview last week, Dr. Robert Jeffress was a guest on Fox News and pointed out why Evangelicals should vote.

Reverend Billy Graham often talked about the importance of Christians to fight Communist and Marxist movements in American politics.

Graham preached on Americans and Christians to view Socialism and Communism as opposed to American Liberty.

“Karl Marx said something in the world is wrong, and he said it was Social.  Karl Marx said that these problems are social.  Jesus said that was wrong,” Graham said.

“Jesus said that the problems of the world were not social.  Social problems are a symptom of a deeper problem the problems of the world is not illiteracy or poverty it is not because there are have-not nations, and have nations, it is not social injustice.  There is something deeper, said Jesus. Our Problems originate from within and he called it S-I-N, sin,” he said.


At a time when we see the Government and media allies move to Impeach Trump, We Christians need to remember we have been here before.  Listen to Graham bust the US State Department:



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