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Out Of Control “News” Media, Roger Stone Statement About Most Recent Attack, WSJ Refuses To Update



Tuesday, Roger Stone, who stands accused by the media of getting unfiltered access for Americans to tens of thousands of hidden government emails by former Secretary of State and Presidential candidate, Hillary R. Clinton, was once again the target of the mainstream media.
“To be clear the WSJ and the AP misreported my statement. I never said my reporting for Infowars was “irresponsible”, but then that’s how the fake news rolls,” Stone told Populist Media. HE ADMITTED TO “POOR RESEARCH” AND RETRACTED, HE DID NOT ADMIT TO LYING OR FALSE STATEMENTS Is there a difference? Not to the Wall Street Journal, apparently. Stone is a high profile political icon and activist for Libertarian and Conservative American voters, the Americans who have scant few personalities willing to stand up for their values of Constitutional freedoms. There are few people left in America willing to stand up to the persecution of the mainstream media with their enormous reach and unlimited resources, perhaps this latest attack upon Stone can illustrate why. Stone ,too faces the out of control “fourth branch of government”, the combined efforts of the FBI-CIA-DOJ in the Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel probe, which has collectively stated they will take down a sitting, duly elected President Donald J. Trump, as well as Stone, a popular pundit with fewer resources to defend himself. At issue currently is a different lawsuit. Because Stone is a target of the axis of Media/ Federal Law enforcement/ Mueller Probe, the leftist media takes the opportunity to twist all statements and stories to fill their narrative of him being generally guilty of everything anyone says about him. The lawsuit, center in this story, is over statements made while Stone was reporting for an extremely successful Pro-Trump show called Infowars. The current attack on Stone is over a lawsuit brought by a Chinese Businessman over Stone’s coverage of a story, for InfoWars, which he says was sourced by Sam Nunberg. Stone, and many of his associates from InfoWars have been de-platformed on social media so that their own reach has been greatly reduced, which is convenient if you want to have a fake media trial fueled by gossip. STONE’S STATEMENT “Yesterday numerous news outlets reported that in the settlement of a defamation lawsuit that I “admitted to spreading lies on InfoWars.’ This is false. I never knowingly or willfully reported or broadcast anything on any platform that I knew at the time to be false or untrue. I did, however, make the terrible mistake of relying on the representations and research of Sam Nunberg in my reporting on Mr. Kwok. When I learned after the fact that some of the information supplied by Mr. Nunberg which I used in my broadcast was incorrect I agreed to apologize and retract those assertions. I have retracted one story out of the hundreds I reported in the two years I have worked as a correspondent at InfoWars,” Stone said. WAPO DID CORRECT In this updated article, to include Stone’s comment the Washington Post said the following: “To settle a lawsuit seeking $100 million in damages from Guo Wengui, an exiled Chinese businessman, Stone admitted that he “failed to do proper research” before accusing Guo of violating U.S. election law by donating money to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Stone also falsely accused Guo, who is also known as Miles Kwok, of funding a presidential run by Stephen K. Bannon and being convicted of financial crimes. In a statement sent to The Washington Post, Stone blamed the falsehoods on Sam Nunberg, a former Trump aide who has now testified before a special counsel’s grand jury. ‘I made the error of relying on the representations of Sam Nunberg in my report on this matter and for that I apologized,’ Stone said.” Full Article THE MEDIA IS OUT OF CONTROL, WILL SHE RETRACT? Remember Shelby has been contacted that her statement, Stone admitted to spreading false info, is not true. Stone does admit to not doing proper research, not lying.

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