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IVAN RAIKLIN: Uncovering the Complexities of January 6th (AUDIO PODCAST BARD FM)



BARD FM PODCAST – In a world where historical events shape our understanding of leadership, Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Raiklin takes us on a journey through time, comparing World War II’s transparency and strategic discussions with the complexities of the modern era. In an exclusive interview with Bard FM, Raiklin delves into the intricacies of the January 6th incident at the Capitol, shedding light on his perspective as a retired military officer and passionate advocate for truth and accountability.

Raiklin begins by drawing parallels between the candid conversations among World War II military leaders and the evolving landscape of today’s challenges. He highlights the shifting importance of ranks and the rise of lieutenant colonels as voices of reason in the face of political turmoil, contrasting their integrity with what he sees as a growing corruption within the military establishment.

The interview then introduces the central figure of the discussion, Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Raiklin himself. Described as a relentless warrior against political elites, Raiklin has gained notoriety for his efforts to expose what he believes to be the truth behind the events of January 6th. The interview sets the stage for a deep dive into the inner workings of Washington, DC, and the alleged corruption of power that Raiklin contends has taken root.

Raiklin discusses the role of the Capitol Police Board in determining the level of criminalization for January 6th defendants. He emphasizes that this board ultimately reports to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, suggesting their influence in shaping the narrative of that day. Raiklin claims that the board manipulated evidence to ensure a 100% conviction rate for the accused, revealing a concerning level of control over the justice system.

The interview also explores Raiklin’s perspective on the Electoral Count Act and its pivotal role in the events surrounding January 6th. He delves into the intricate details of potential scenarios and contingencies, shedding light on his belief that there was room for legal maneuvers within the act. Raiklin suggests that his public discussions on social media about these nuances may have triggered a response from those in power, potentially leading to the events of January 6th.

Raiklin’s insights prompt questions about cause and effect, raising the possibility that his public discourse on the Electoral Count Act may have contributed to the events that unfolded on that fateful day. As we navigate the complexities of this pivotal moment in history, Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Raiklin’s perspective offers a unique lens to examine the intricacies of the January 6th incident and the broader challenges facing our nation.

Lt. Colonel Ivan Raiklin Reveals Insights into Electoral Process and Capitol Intrigue

In a recent interview with Lt. Colonel Ivan Raiklin, a former military officer, legal expert, and prominent figure in conservative circles, a host of critical issues surrounding the 2020 election, the events of January 6th, and the ongoing political landscape were discussed. Raiklin, known for his thorough analysis and strong views, provided insights into several aspects of the electoral process, raising questions about its integrity and the actions of key figures in the government.

Raiklin began by addressing the Electoral Count Act and the role of states in the election process. He argued that the deadlines set in the act were not fixed and could be influenced by a state’s actions, specifically in the context of COVID-19-related changes to voting procedures. He highlighted that if a state conducts an election inconsistent with its election laws, it violates the federal Constitution’s electors clause.

To address these violations, Raiklin described a “Pence Card Memo” memo, which suggested three potential remedies for states that violated their election laws. These included running a new election, having the state legislature vote on electors, or asking states to abstain from the Electoral College vote. Raiklin emphasized that this memo did not advocate for unilateral action by Vice President Mike Pence but aimed to address violations of the Constitution.

He criticized the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the January 6th committee for not delving into the memo’s details, arguing that doing so would expose the credibility of Pence and the committee’s efforts. Raiklin contended that the memo’s principles and arguments remain untested.

Raiklin also discussed Pence’s role on December 23rd under the Electoral Count Act, emphasizing the need for a joint legislature session to decide on electors if a state violated its election laws. He questioned why Pence had not addressed the memo or explained his actions in light of it.

In a candid moment, Raiklin expressed his frustration with the political establishment in Washington and suggesting they often prioritize personal interests over the country’s welfare. He pointed out that a small group of well-organized individuals could engineer significant changes, likening it to the special forces’ approach of targeting specific vulnerabilities to disrupt a more extensive system.

Raiklin underscored the importance of local involvement in politics, emphasizing that change can start at the county and city levels. He also proposed that the current political landscape in Washington, rife with cover-ups and power plays, necessitated a reevaluation of the role of the House of Representatives and suggested that the absence of a Speaker of the House might be a way to disrupt the political machinery.

In conclusion, Lt.. Colonel Ivan Raiklin’s interview shed light on crucial aspects of the electoral process and ongoing political intrigue in Washington. His insights into the role of states, the Electoral Count Act, and the actions of critical figures contribute to the continuing national conversation about the 2020 election and its aftermath.

“Lt. Colonel Ivan Raiklin Advocates Local Action to Restore Faith in Government”

A call to action resounded in a candid and passionate interview with Lt. Colonel Ivan Raiklin, a prominent advocate for constitutional values and national security. Raiklin, a former military officer, shared insights into the dire state of affairs in the United States, focusing on issues ranging from government overreach to the erosion of faith in our institutions.

Throughout the interview, Raiklin highlighted the importance of individuals taking responsibility for their communities and the urgent need to restore faith in government. He emphasized that relying solely on elected officials to fix problems is insufficient, urging citizens to become active participants in the process.

One of the key topics discussed was the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the military and government. Raiklin asserted that government mandates and policies, including forced vaccinations and mask mandates, have eroded trust in public institutions. He argued that this erosion of trust was part of a larger agenda to divide the American people and undermine the country’s core principles.

Raiklin also addressed the issue of transgenderism within the military, asserting that it has negatively affected readiness and morale. He called for a return to a military focused on defending the Constitution and the Republic rather than becoming entangled in social and political agendas.

The interview touched upon the role of local activism in effecting change. Raiklin praised the efforts of parents and concerned citizens who have confronted school boards and local officials to push back against COVID-19 restrictions and divisive curricula. He encouraged others to follow suit, emphasizing that collective action at the grassroots level is essential to restore faith in government.

Raiklin’s call to action went beyond mere words. He challenged individuals to engage with their communities, hold elected officials accountable, and, if necessary, confront those who implement policies detrimental to the well-being of American citizens. He emphasized that individuals have the power to effect change and restore faith in the principles upon which the United States was founded.

In a time when many Americans feel disillusioned and disconnected from their government, Lt.. Colonel Ivan Raiklin’s interview serves as a rallying cry for active citizenship and restoring faith in government at all levels. It underscores the importance of taking personal responsibility and engaging in the democratic process to protect the Republic’s core values and institutions.

Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Raiklin Outlines Strategies to Secure Elections and Challenge Political Establishment

In a recent interview, Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Raiklin delved into various topics, from election integrity to the future of American politics. Raiklin’s insights shed light on potential strategies for conservatives looking to secure elections and challenge the current political establishment.

The interview began with Raiklin emphasizing the importance of seeking truth and justice in the aftermath of the 2020 election. He encouraged individuals in the J6 community to apply maximum pressure by accessing the US Capitol Police website and identifying the Capitol Police General Counsel, Thomas Tobias, to request full access to tapes and communications related to criminal referrals.

Raiklin suggested using archived data from the US Capitol Police website to analyze weekly arrest reports from January 7th to January 14th, 2021, to understand the original charges filed against J6 defendants. This information could help uncover potential political bias or manipulation of charges.

Moving beyond election integrity, Raiklin addressed the need to replace Kevin McCarthy, describing him as part of the system protecting the status quo. He advocated for supporting individuals like Matt Gaetz, who demonstrated courage within the Republican Party to challenge the establishment.

Raiklin also touched on the concept of “Nuremberg 2.0,” suggesting that members of Congress involved in COVID select committees should expose the unlawfulness of vaccine mandates. He argued that when the country realizes the mandates were unlawful, Nuremberg 2.0 could begin.

Regarding the potential pathway for Donald Trump’s return to the presidency, Raiklin expressed skepticism about a traditional 2024 election. He outlined the establishment’s probable course of action, which involves using discretionary power to hinder Trump’s campaign. Raiklin highlighted strategies, such as criminalizing Trump through the court system and altering delegate allocation in favor of establishment candidates.

To counter these obstacles, Raiklin proposed a bold approach to circumvent mainstream media and influence the public. He suggested hosting simultaneous discussions during the RNC debates, featuring influential figures like Trump and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and topics such as election integrity, the CCP’s influence in America, and the January 6th investigations. These discussions would be live-streamed on independent free-speech platforms to draw viewers away from mainstream media.

Raiklin’s strategy aimed to bankrupt traditional media outlets and increase viewership on free speech platforms, thus reshaping the narrative surrounding key issues. His plan also incorporated figures like Joe Rogan and Elon Musk to reach wider audiences and foster discussions about censorship and the importance of free speech.

In conclusion, Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Raiklin’s interview provided valuable insights into strategies for conservatives seeking to secure elections and challenge the political establishment. By leveraging independent free speech platforms and engaging in candid discussions, Raiklin’s vision offers an alternative path for influencing public opinion and promoting election integrity.

Elon Musk’s Potential Game-Changing Move in the Fight for Free Speech

In a recent interview with Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Raiklin, a discussion that could potentially reshape the landscape of free speech and challenge the status quo in American politics unfolded. Raiklin, a fierce advocate for election integrity and transparency, shared intriguing ideas on exposing corruption and censorship within the government.

The conversation began with Raiklin proposing a bold move involving Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, with a substantial following and considerable influence. Raiklin suggested that Musk could play a pivotal role in revealing hidden agendas and exposing the actions of those involved in censorship, the COVID-19 agenda, and whistleblower cases.

One of the most compelling ideas put forth by Raiklin was the notion of Elon Musk releasing the content of government authorities and individuals involved in various schemes, including those related to the COVID-19 pandemic. This bold proposal would involve revealing internal communications and discussions from the Twitter accounts of key players, potentially shedding light on hidden agendas.

Raiklin explained that such a move could be a game-changer, allowing the public to see the truth behind political maneuvers, corruption, and manipulation. By using Musk’s massive social media reach, which includes millions of followers, these revelations could reach an unprecedented audience, sparking a nationwide conversation about transparency and accountability.

The Lieutenant Colonel also highlighted the significance of Musk’s recent refusal to comply with a government request to activate Starlink, which could have escalated tensions and caused a significant conflict. Musk’s decision to take a neutral stance and resist becoming complicit in potential acts of war demonstrates his commitment to principled decision-making.

Raiklin acknowledged the complexity of Musk’s position, given his substantial ties to government entities, such as the Department of Defense (DoD). Still, he commended Musk for making decisions aligned with free speech and the greater good.

The proposed release of Twitter files 2.0, as Raiklin referred, could expose deep-seated corruption and challenge the legitimacy of specific government actions. It could also serve as a counterstrike to the weaponized actions of the current government, shedding light on behind-the-scenes activities that many may find shocking.

In conclusion, the interview with Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Raiklin unveiled a potential pathway for Elon Musk to play a transformative role in the fight for free speech and transparency. Musk could ignite a nationwide conversation and reshape the narrative on critical issues by using his vast reach and influence to reveal hidden agendas and corruption. In a world where information is power, such a move could be a significant game-changer in pursuing truth and accountability.

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