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IVAN RAIKLIN: “House Administration Committee’s Vital Role in Post-J6 Era”



Ivan Raiklin takes time to explain the role of the House Administration office.

Amidst growing questions about the J6 committee and its status with Republicans now in control of the House, an existing committee, the House Administration Committee, has taken center stage. The importance of this committee, along with its potential to address the aftermath of January 6th, was emphasized in a recent discussion led by an influential conservative figure.

The relationship between the J6 committee and the House Administration Committee is rooted in the jurisdiction of committees in both the House and the Senate. The House Administration Committee comprises three subcommittees, one of which is the oversight subcommittee. This specific subcommittee holds the responsibility to oversee the Capitol Police Board, an essential entity involved in determining the restricted zone during the events of January 6th.

The Capitol Police Board is significant for its role in establishing the restricted zone and supervising the Capitol Police. These law enforcement officials were responsible for the decision to criminalize 1,200 individuals in connection with the January 6th events. Crucially, the US Capitol Police own the CCTV footage related to that day, making them a central figure in understanding the events that transpired.

Moreover, documents used to criminalize individuals, such as impact statements, were obtained from the Capitol Police. This House Administration Committee is one of two committees in Congress tasked with overseeing these crucial elements.

Raiklin underscored the committee’s significance by proposing that funding for the US Capitol Police should be contingent on meeting specific benchmarks. This included the release of 41,000 hours of CCTV footage and investigations into critical figures, including Nancy Pelosi, her daughter & her son-in-law, Yogananda Pittman, the former acting police chief, the current Capitol Police chief, the inspector general, the general counsel, and every individual within the Capitol Police.

The committee’s role, particularly the oversight subcommittee led by Congressman Barry Loudermilk, was deemed vital in pursuing the truth regarding the events of January 6th. The discussion also delved into the importance of investigating the “fedsurrection,” which led to subpoenas and information requests to entities like the Metropolitan Police, Department of Justice (DOJ), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and others. This investigative approach was viewed as a critical step in unveiling the truth.

The discussion underlined the House Administration Committee’s pivotal role in addressing the post-January 6th landscape. Its jurisdiction over the Capitol Police and related documentation places it at the forefront of efforts to uncover what transpired on that fateful day. The conservative leader’s remarks highlighted the importance of this committee and its potential to provide much-needed transparency and accountability in the aftermath of the January 6th events.

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