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Ashli Babbitt

IVAN RAIKLIN: Conservative Demands Strong Speaker of the House to Address Critical Issues




In a passionate gathering on Ashli Babbitt’s birthday, a group of conservative activists led by ‘Deep-State Marauder,’ Ivan Raiklin sought to address the urgent need for a strong Speaker of the House. Speaking on October 10th outside the Capitol building, Ivan emphasized the critical issues that the next leader of the House must tackle.

The activists convened with Ashli Babbitt’s mother, Micki Witthoeft, and the discussion revolved around various matters, including the economic challenges posed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the urgent need for action against China’s influence. They also touched upon medical tyranny, extensive tech censorship, and the events of January 6th.

Ivan called for a Speaker of the House who could lead robust investigations into these issues, beginning with rejecting the CCP’s influence on the US economy. He urged using the House’s unique power to allocate substantial funds for addressing the Chinese threat.

The discussion also centered on the urgent need to hold Big Pharma and all those involved in medical tyranny accountable. Ivan pointed out the lack of consequences for those responsible for promulgating illegal mandates, such as Acting Secretary Austin.

Censorship was another pressing concern, with activists emphasizing the need for severe consequences for individuals and institutions involved in extensive tech censorship. While some hearings have been held, it was argued that the First Amendment continues to be violated.

The primary focus of the gathering was on the events of January 6th. Ivan emphasized the need for a comprehensive investigation into what happened that day, including exposing the cover-up. He called for a Speaker of the House who would be unafraid to challenge the deep state and hold the responsible parties accountable.

Micki Witthoeft, Ashli Babbitt’s mother, shared her thoughts, stating that the country needed America-first candidates who would prioritize the needs of American citizens over political posturing. She voiced her disappointment in the current state of Congress, where politicians often fail to listen to each other and prioritize political games over addressing critical issues.

The activists discussed various potential candidates for the Speaker of the House position, including Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise, and Jim Jordan. They raised concerns about their track records and questioned whether they were the right individuals to lead the House in these turbulent times.

Ivan presented a unique proposal to address the issues at hand, suggesting a Speaker who could appoint a House Sergeant at Arms with the power to overhaul the Capitol Police and investigate the events of January 6th thoroughly. This, he argued, would provide the necessary leverage to challenge the deep state and address pressing concerns.

The group concluded with a call for American citizens to engage in the conversation, educate themselves about the issues, and demand accountability from their elected officials. They stressed that the upcoming Speaker of the House needed to prioritize the needs of the American people over political agendas. The next Speaker, they emphasized, must be unafraid to challenge the status quo and work towards resolving the pressing issues that affect the nation.

“Key Remarks on Future GOP Speaker and Post-January 6th Plans”

Emphasis was placed on the importance of addressing the aftermath of the January 6th events, which several speakers referred to as the “J6 political hostages.” The participants underscored the need for a Speaker who would push for transparency by releasing all related tapes and information concerning January 6th to allow the American public to assess the events accurately.

One point of agreement among the participants was the urgent need to counter the mainstream media narrative, which they claimed had misled the American people. They urged the Republican Party to prioritize free speech and offer an alternative to the mainstream media’s alleged manipulation.

Regarding the future GOP Speaker, the discussion revolved around promoting transparency and demanding accountability for several pressing issues. The participants demanded action on various fronts, including addressing the role of the CCP in the US economy, combatting medical tyranny related to the COVID-19 pandemic, addressing Big Tech censorship, and examining the legitimacy of the 2020 election.

One crucial demand was to reconvene a joint session of Congress to address the issues surrounding the 2020 election. They argued that a new session, taking into account the illegal activities of certain states, could potentially change the course of the presidency under the 12th Amendment.

The conversation highlighted the desire to replace the current Speaker with someone who would take a stand on these critical issues. They discussed various potential candidates, with some expressing support for Congressman Matt Gaetz and those who voted to remove Kevin McCarthy from the Speaker’s position.

The discussion concluded with a touching tribute to Ashli, where her family shared her favorite birthday traditions, such as enjoying brownies and ice cream. They also announced their plans to lay flowers at the Capitol and hold a vigil outside the DC jail in memory of Ashli, who lost her life during the January 6th events.

There is a passionate desire among conservative figures for a future GOP Speaker who will prioritize transparency, free speech, and accountability while challenging the mainstream media’s narrative. They also emphasize the importance of addressing the events of January 6th and potential election irregularities. These issues have become central to their vision for the future of the Republican Party and the nation as a whole.


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