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Ivan Raiklin

IVAN RAIKLIN: Bards Fest 2023 – Addresses Conservatives on Truth, Accountability, and Action – Calls for Vigilance and Local Action



Flemingsburg, Ky –

In a passionate and lengthy address, Ivan Raiklin, a retired Green Beret and constitutional lawyer, delivered a powerful message to conservatives. Raiklin began by thanking the crowd and expressing his gratitude for the opportunity to speak, acknowledging Scott Kesterson for his work and the audience for their presence. Rallying his audience to become better informed about perceived threats to the nation and to take action against them, Raiklin’s speech focused on the importance of education and grassroots involvement, with a call to “castrate the deep state” and “crush the commies.”

Raiklin emphasized the importance of knowing and exposing the truth, referring to political “hostages” who sought the truth and were unjustly imprisoned. He urged the audience to repel the lies perpetuated by the government through big tech and big media.

Drawing on his extensive background in national security, Raiklin highlighted his experience countering various threats both domestically and abroad. He stressed that his mission now is to expose domestic enemies, emphasizing the need to identify specific individuals within government agencies who have played a role in undermining the nation.

Raiklin mentioned the Nuremberg Code in the context of the pandemic response, suggesting that coercion and manipulation led many to accept emergency-use-authorized products. He criticized the pharmaceutical industry’s influence and the role of figures like Dr. Anthony Fauci.

The speaker called for accountability, referencing the scripture verse Leviticus 24:19-20, which suggests punishment in proportion to the harm inflicted. He questioned when people would stand against the injustices committed against children and individuals who suffered adverse effects from the vaccines.

Raiklin spotlighted two individuals in the audience, Brad Miller and Dr. Pete Chambers, commending their courage in speaking out against the vaccine mandates despite personal sacrifices. He stressed the need for public support for individuals like them, who are on the “legal, moral, and ethical high ground.”

The speaker also urged the audience to stop consuming mainstream media outlets and support alternative platforms like Getter, Telegram, Truth Social, and Rumble. He called on the crowd to take a stand against the government’s encroachment on civil liberties and to expose the individuals complicit in these actions.

Ivan Raiklin’s address resonated strongly, advocating for a proactive approach to defend conservative principles and American values.

Raiklin continued stressing the need for citizens to educate themselves about critical figures and entities that he believes are undermining American values. He pointed to the Capitol Police Board and what he termed the “Fed insurrection coup” on January 6th, as well as the alleged weaponization of the Department of Defense (DOD), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the Department of Justice (DOJ). Raiklin argued that it’s essential for the current House of Representatives to take action and exhibit a strong backbone.

The activist used provocative language, calling for the “castration” of the “deep state” and explaining that he has a list. He suggested that this could be achieved by altering funding mechanisms or other means and urged his audience to use their imagination regarding the specifics.

Raiklin also expressed concerns about the threat posed by what he called “commies,” with a particular focus on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Russia, Iran, and North Korea. He emphasized the need to confront these perceived adversaries and safeguard American interests.

During the Q&A session, Raiklin fielded questions from the audience. One attendee asked about the citizenship status of members of Congress, to which Raiklin admitted uncertainty but expressed a willingness to research the matter further.

Another audience member inquired about how to support Raiklin’s cause. He encouraged individuals to get involved through platforms like Telegram and advocated for challenging mainstream media outlets. Raiklin underscored the importance of creating uncensored content and emphasized the need to establish alternative platforms to disseminate their message if they were removed from the internet.

Raiklin concluded by stressing the significance of in-person meetings and activism at the local level. He argued that face-to-face interactions are immune to censorship, offering an effective way to advance their goals.

Addressing the community level, Raiklin recommended that parents take inspiration from past instances where parents successfully challenged policies they disagreed with, particularly in relation to schools. He cited instances in Iowa where parents pushed back against certain mandates, leading to legislative changes.

In summary, Ivan Raiklin’s speech at this conservative fest called for increased vigilance, education, and local activism to address perceived threats to the nation. While his rhetoric was provocative, it echoed the sentiments of a segment of conservative activists who advocate for change at the grassroots level. Raiklin emphasized the importance of investigative efforts to uncover dirt on those in power and expose it to delegitimize them. He called for a collective effort to push back against a lawless executive branch and reaffirmed his commitment to the fight for truth, accountability, and action.

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