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Dana Milbank

IVAN RAIKLIN: Interview by “Washington Compost” Reporter Milbank, Sheds Light on Capitol Events, Speaker Race & Calls for Trump for Speaker



In a recent exclusive interview, Ivan Raiklin, known for his conservative stances, stood outside the congressional hearing room in the Longworth Building with Dana Milbank, who seriously referred to his own newspaper as the “Washington Compost.” This candid conversation covered a range of topics, from the tragic events at the Capitol to the race for the next Speaker of the House, culminating in a call for former President Donald Trump to assume the role of Speaker.

The interview commenced with a brief exchange on the event itself. Raiklin informed Milbank that it took place earlier that morning, October 10th, which coincided with what would have been Ashli Babbitt’s 38th birthday. It was emphasized that her untimely demise marked the first and only murder in the history of the U.S. Capitol, setting the tone for an intense conversation.

While initially intended to focus on the Speaker of the House race, the interview organically delved into the sensitive topic of Ashli Babbitt’s death. Raiklin spoke passionately about Congress members who deemed her death a murder, highlighting that former Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s refusal to use the term ‘murder’ contributed to his loss of the Speaker position.

Despite moments of tension, the conversation provided an opportunity for Raiklin to articulate his views on the day’s events and emphasize the significance of addressing this event, particularly within the context of the upcoming GOP presidential debate.

Raiklin went on to propose a remarkable twist to the Speaker of the House race. He suggested that the next Speaker should embody specific qualities, including addressing concerns related to government agencies, particularly the FBI and DOJ.

He questioned the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines and their connection to political influence.

Most notably, Raiklin called for Trump to be elected Speaker of the House, suggesting a process in which members of Congress nominate Trump during the race and accumulate 150 votes to secure his victory. This unconventional proposition was presented as a mechanism for rectifying what Raiklin referred to as “Trump Derangement Syndrome” and addressing past government misconduct.

The interview was punctuated with passionate dialogue, reinforcing the deep divisions and debates within conservative circles. Raiklin’s unconventional proposal for Trump’s role in the Speaker of the House race adds an intriguing layer to the ongoing political discourse.

The conversation between Raiklin and Milbank was a window into the thoughts and opinions of one conservative voice, highlighting controversial issues, passionate beliefs, and a unique approach to the upcoming Speaker of the House race while being interviewed by a prominent D.C. journalist.

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