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A Sing-A-Long at the US Capitol



That Time the “Mob” Had a Sing-A-Long at the U.S. Capitol. If you wondered what 99.99% of the people that attended the march in Washington DC were doing, this is it.

Singing “God Bless America” and flag-waving in a true spirit of patriotism.

If you wondered why Citizen Media is here this is it. You will not see this on mainstream media. They are too busy tearing down President Trump to show the real reason thousands trekked across the country.

The Rally was a “Thank You” to President Trump for all he did for America in the four years he was in office.

#1 on the list was the president kept us out of war. He is the first president in modern times to not start a war or expand a war.

Another fact overlooked by the media was President Trump was nominated for FIVE Nobel Peace Prizes. Not only did he broker peace in the middle east, but he met the North Korean leader face to face – and de-escalated tensions on the Korean Peninsula, thank God.

The economy pre-Covid was roaring back – jobs were up, and unemployment was the lowest for ALL Americans in decades. Slapping tariffs on China also helped: American industry was able to manufacture again without fear of “dumping” destroying entire industries. The Chinese only got away with that because well, we really don’t know but we have several ideas.

And that brings us to the greatest thing the president did: he looked out for Americans. In a country where are elites, technocrats and politicians despise the working man and woman because the working man and woman knows how badly they are getting screwed over by these folks. The people are rising up; the elites and others don’t like it.

The president also forced a lot of RINOS (Republicans in Name Only) to reveal themselves as the snakes in the grass that they are. I think a lot of these RINOS are going to find out just how angry the voters are when they have to win their primaries. I don’t even think a rigged voting machine will save these fools.

Overall, except for a few idiots, it was a great day of celebration and rejoicing that we’re Americans – all of us. Yes, these are bad times because some of our countrymen and drinking from socialist fountain, but hopefully, America will right herself. We’ve been through darker times before, and now is the challenge of our times.

Look at it this way: Lincoln had to convince democrats slavery was a bad thing. We, likewise, have to convince our countrymen that there are a lot of bad apples in Washington D.C. right now, and they are ripping us off blind. This is the challenge of our times. But together, our country can pull together and we can do this!

That Time the “Mob” Had a Sing-A-Long means the spirit of the movement is alive, and will endure.