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Georgia Man Who Died of Heart Attack May Have Been Struck by Crowd Control Projectile



Athens, Ga resident, Kevin Greeson

Washington DC – It appears that an Athens, Alabama man may have died as a result of a heart attack after being struck by a crowd control projectile.

Athens News Courier reports, “D.C. Metropolitan Police Chief Robert Contee said 55-year-old Kevin Greeson died from medical issues during the riot.”

Oklahoma News KFOR lists the names of five people that died during Wednesday’s activities: Benjamin Phillips, 50; Rosanne Boyland, 34; Ashli Babbit, 35; and Kevin Greeson, 55. Of the two men that perished one had a stroke and the other had a heart attack.

Citizen Media News met with an eyewitness who described the events.

The eyewitness describing the incident was no longer in contact with CMN once the names of the individuals who died were identified. CMN was not able to corroborate that the man the eyewitness saw struck was indeed the person that passed away. There were no other major reports identifying individuals having heart attacks at the event.






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