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PROOF: This Impeachment is a Scam



The cries for the Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump are a scam and the proof is right under our nose.  Rep. Adam Bennett Schiff (D-CA) is leading the US House of Representatives on an illegal hunt, looking for crimes under the flagrant deception that someone can “blow the whistle” on the President of the United States.

That is a lie.

The ICIG, who helped rush Schiff’s fantasy impeachment scam, has a history of protecting the corruption of the intelligence community. The whole impeachment thing is a scam and shows collusion.

Here is the proof from the Director of National Intelligence’s Lawyer, who responded to the corrupt ICIG’s part of the scam:


On August 26, 2019, the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community (“ICIG”) forwarded to the Acting Director of National Intelligence (“DNI”) a complaint from an employee within the intelligence community. The complainant alleged that unnamed “White House officials” had expressed concern that during a July 25, 2019 phone call, President Trump had sought to pressure the Ukrainian president to pursue investigations that might have the effect of assisting the President’s re-election bid.

According to the ICIG, such a request could be viewed as soliciting a foreign campaign contribution in violation of the campaign-finance laws.

See Letter for Joseph Maguire, Acting Director of National Intelligence, from Michael K. Atkinson, Inspector General of the Intelligence Community, at 3 (Aug. 26, 2019) (“ICIG Letter”).

In the ICIG’s view, the complaint addresses an “urgent concern” for purposes of triggering statutory procedures that require expedited reporting of agency misconduct to the congressional intelligence committees. Under the applicable statute, if the ICIG transmits such a complaint to the DNI, the DNI has seven days to forward it to the intelligence committees. See 50 U.S.C. § 3033(k)(5)(C

The complaint does not arise in connection with the operation of any U.S. government intelligence activity, and the alleged misconduct does not involve any member of the intelligence community.

Rather, the complaint arises out of a confidential diplomatic communication between the President and a foreign leader that the intelligence community complainant received secondhand.

The question is whether such a complaint falls within the statutory definition of “urgent concern” that the law requires the DNI to forward to the intelligence committees. We conclude that it does not. The alleged misconduct is not an “urgent concern” within the meaning of the statute because it does not concern “the funding, administration, or operation of an intelligence activity” under the authority of the DNI. Id. § 3033(k)(5)(G)(i). That phrase includes matters relating to intelligence activities subject to the DNI’s supervision, but it does not include allegations of wrongdoing arising outside of any intelligence activity or outside the intelligence community itself.

Full Report

There you have it.

The President of the United States is not under the Department of National Intelligence.  The phone call was not an intelligence operation. There was no discussion of a funding operation.

The question is – Who thinks the President is under the DNI and that the phone call was an intelligence operation and/or a discussion of a funding operation and why?


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