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CPAC 2023- “Indivisible With John Stubbins’ Audio Interview with Tom Homan: A Leading Figure in the Immigration Debate



Tom Homan has become a leading voice in the immigration debate, advocating for strict enforcement of immigration laws and challenging the narrative that illegal immigration is a victimless crime. Through his commentary and testimony before Congress, Homan has highlighted the dangers posed by illegal immigration, including the strain it places on law enforcement and public resources, and the risks it poses to national security.

However, critics of Homan’s work accuse him of promoting a hard-line stance on immigration that is at odds with American values and human rights. They argue that Homan’s policies would lead to the separation of families and the mistreatment of immigrants and that his rhetoric is often inflammatory and divisive.

Despite the controversy surrounding Homan, he remains a respected figure in conservative circles and a trusted advisor to Republican lawmakers on immigration policy. His expertise and experience have made him a valuable asset in the ongoing debate over immigration reform, and his insights are often sought out by lawmakers and media outlets alike.

In a time where immigration remains a contentious issue, Tom Homan represents a voice of reason and pragmatism, providing a counterbalance to the emotional rhetoric that often dominates the debate. While his policies may be controversial, there is no doubt that Homan is a passionate advocate for the rule of law and the safety and security of the American people.

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