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CPAC 2023

CPAC 2023 – “The New Federal State of China: A Viable Alternative to the CCP?”



Washington DC – CPAC – The New Federal State of China is a political movement that has gained popularity in recent years among those who oppose the authoritarian rule of the CCP. The movement’s leaders claim that they represent a legitimate alternative to the CCP and that they have the support of millions of Chinese citizens who are disillusioned with the current regime.

However, critics of the NFSC argue that the movement is not a true alternative to the CCP and that its leaders are primarily interested in gaining power for themselves rather than promoting democracy and human rights. They point out that the movement’s leaders have been accused of financial fraud and other criminal activities and that their calls for democracy and freedom may be nothing more than a smokescreen for their own self-interest.

Moreover, some experts, including ones at CPAC, have raised concerns that the NFSC’s calls for the overthrow of the CCP could lead to further instability and violence in China and could even lead to a civil war. They argue that a more measured approach to political reform is needed, one that involves working within the existing system rather than seeking to overthrow it.

While the NFSC has gained some support among Chinese dissidents and pro-democracy activists, it remains to be seen whether the movement can truly provide a viable alternative to the CCP. As the Chinese government continues to crack down on dissent and human rights, the NFSC and other opposition movements will continue to face significant challenges in their efforts to promote democracy and freedom in China.

It was interesting to meet the people running the New Federal State of China booth at CPAC 2023. They interviewed CMN. From initial face-to-face discussions, it appears they are building a movement that can effect much-needed change.

If nothing else, this is why you go to CPAC to see new and interesting people and issues.

New Federal State of China

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