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The Establishment

We Must Keep Fighting The Establishment



President Trump

Even with the outcome of the 2020 presidential election still pending, one thing has become clear: the Establishment is far from dead. By “Establishment” I mean “permanent Washington,” the elites who treat government as their personal piggy bank, and cash in by enriching themselves in every way possible.

In the past four years, President Trump, through his “America First” attitude and policies, has revealed that we have politicians – of both parties, I’m sad to say – fighting viciously not to protect the interests of their constituents, but these politicians fight to protect their favorite methods of kickbacks and payoffs.

Forget making life better for the people they represent, for the Establishment it’s all about cashing in. And if you dare question any of the Establishment people in power, they will seek to destroy you with a phony impeachment, fake charges of racism and elections that are filled with fraud.

Here are just a few ways, we have learned in the past few years, that politicians cash in:

  •              Kickbacks to family members in exchange for trade deals with foreign governments that screw over American workers.
  •              Lax immigration policies that keep wages low for their corporate donors.
  •              Monies made from endless wars.
  •              Money from teachers’ unions that keep kids uneducated and indoctrinate them to vote a certain way.
  •              Inner cities that remain broken and battered even though rivers of federal money flows through them.
  •              The school to jail pipeline.

The list of corrupt schemes is endless, but the good news is the voters are starting to catch on. Trump has shown that broken neighborhoods don’t have to stay broken forever. There is hope, but only when the politicians stop stealing and work for the people, and not line their pockets. Politician must work to empower people, and not enslave them.

It’s no wonder that President Trump had the highest number of minority votes for a Republican president in 60 years. The people are waking up, and it’s scaring the hell out of the Establishment.

The battle against the Establishment, in both parties, is the battle we’re fighting, and it is a battle that must be won if we want America to survive. I’ll be writing more on what we can do to make change happen in future articles, so make sure you check for my column each Monday.

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