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1st Amendment

Erik Corcoran Issued Summons For Peaceful Protest In Charleston




Charleston, SC – Friend of Citizen Media News, Erik Benjamin Corcoran, was issued a summons for having a peaceful protest in Charleston, South Carolina.

In question is the demolition of the base of what remains from the removal of the John Calhoun statue. It is believed to contain a time capsule and many citizens do not want this part of history destroyed.

“I am really happy to not be sitting in a jail cell somewhere,” proclaims Erik.

You may have seen Erik in other videos presented by Citizen Media where he kneeled down to pray with a woman whose husband was gravely ill.

Citizen Media believes that Erik is exercising his God-given rights as protected in our Constitution. He states in the video, “I am not in jail but I have a summons from the city of Charleston and I WILL fight it. On the principle of the FIRST AMENDMENT, I will fight!”

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