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America, it is time to man up!



America, it is time to man up!

Can’t keep this thought to myself. I know some will disagree, but that’s life.

We cannot continue this shut down of our nation.

It is more than just economics.

It is education.

It is health services.

It is the functioning of public services.

It is national security.

It is all of this and more.

COVID has morphed into a political issue, and as a result, it is paralyzing our nation.

I have lived through 35% of our nation’s history, including at least six epi/pandemics, and the world has seen many, many more. But the reaction this time is without equal.

Historically, viral attacks were managed without this massive shut down approach. The basic strategy has been to fight the disease while continuing to function as usual, and it worked. In the process, we developed herd immunity as an additional safeguard for the future.

Yes, there were deaths. So are there deaths from auto and other accidents; common flu; opioids and other drugs; heart, liver and lung disease; wars; and a plethora of other causes. Death is part of life, even as life goes on.

If we continue down this shutdown road, we will run out of more than paper towels and TP. When shortages hit food and fuel supplies, and the Fed can’t continue borrowing to pay for the shutdown, we will have chaos.

I have not heard of any other developed nation taking the draconian steps that we have. This is especially true of our enemies. In the end, the world is a highly competitive arena, and we must compete for the sake of our national security, or we cease being an independent nation in charge of our own destiny.

COVID decisions should not be based on politics. COVID decisions must be based on what is best for our nation and, in my opinion, the decision has to get back to normal functioning with responsible personal behavior while we continue to fight COVID. This approach has worked with viral infection throughout history and will work now.

If the government won’t take this course, it is up to we the people.

-The Colonel

“Graduated from the National War College and earned his master’s degree from GW University. He worked in the aerospace & defense industries prior to his retirement. He retired from the United States Army as a Colonel after 24 years of service. Vietnam Veteran. More recently he stepped up to serve once again as a 3-time State Senator.”

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