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Alert! Covid19 Scam in Progress!



There is a good chance that an email or video from a group wielding their powers has hit your social media platform claiming only they are in the know in regards to the true nature of Covid-19.

If not on social media or email, perhaps, during your social distancing time around the water cooler, the topic arose.

Whether these groups are connected to a government or not, is the Covid-19 a scam in progress?


Though you do need to be wary of the multitude of current online COVID scams, I’m not talking about those.

I’m talking about, how those who stand to benefit enormously from the “Crisis” are censuring information and keeping the American public in the dark scam.

The current narrative being put out to the American Public by our leaders and our media is a repetitive drumbeat; shelter in place, keep businesses and economies closed, and wait.

For how long?

We are being told to wait.

We are being told to Hope.

Hope for the vaccine that will be coming. The vaccine is “the only cure”.

Fact: A successful vaccine has never been developed for a Corona type virus even though researches have been working to develop a vaccine for Coronavirus for well over a decade. Therapeutics which have been proven to be effective in treating viruses, most notably, Hydroxychloroquine, are being touted as “Anecdotal”.

When asked on national TV if using Hydroxychloroquine could be a successful treatment, Dr. Fauci, seen as the “expert” on everything Covid19, said “the answer is No”, and that evidence of success is purely “Anecdotal”.


Why would Dr. Fauci squash the idea of using a therapeutic with a track record of over 70 years of safe & successful treatment?

Altering Cuba Gooding, Jr.’s famous phrase, “Follow the money!”

Just how inexpensive is Hydroxychloroquine?

How about 10-cents-per-pill inexpensive!

One thousand people can receive treatment for about $600.

There are those who want a vaccine to be the one and only cure. They stand to make billions of dollars from the development and administration of a vaccine.

Safe, inexpensive, proven therapeutics that might be found to treat Covid19 successfully would destroy crisis opportunistic development and sale of a vaccine.

We have seen around the globe, doctors and other health experts who are speaking out in opposition are being fired and censured. Worse still, they are even being threatened with lawsuits, the possibility of jail time and/or fines.

A protesters poster at the rally outside the North Carolina Governor’s mansion in April 2020.

Hydroxychloroquine may not be the magic bullet society is searching for as a cure.

Maybe it is.

There are also many other therapeutics that have been brought up by health professionals that may be just as effective and successful treatments and therapeutics.

Those ideas of treatments and therapeutics, other than vaccination, one by one, are being squashed and silenced. Dissenting voices and ideas are not being heard nor are they published through the media and press.

In fact, these voices and ideas are being censured and silenced. In a time of crisis, we need critical thinking, dissenting ideas, and voices. They need to be listened to and heard.

American Citizen’s demands on U.S. health care workers and medical leadership must be realized.

It is our duty. It is our God-given right. It is in the First Amendment.

It’s becoming more and more obvious that those who stand to make billions of dollars are the ones in charge. Those who stand to gain power and control over the American people are in concerted efforts pushing the narrative that we must shelter in place until a vaccine is developed to be the one and only cure.

Is the goal to find a successful treatment an effort to get the American people healthy, safe, back to work, reopen the economy to once again prosper?

Or, are the goals of those in charge to exploit power, control, and crisis opportunity to make billions of dollars off the American People?


During the preparation of this article, a Youtube reference was removed: https://tinyurl.com/y9ts8fy6




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