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How Will Canadian PM Trudeau’s Gun Ban Effect the States – Member of Parliament Cheryl Gallant Speaks Out




In an incredible overreach of power, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau announced the immediate banning of 1,500 models of rifles and weapons.

He says, “You don’t need an AR-15 to bring down a deer.”

Trudeau touts in a tweet how he said he would ban weapons, and he followed through.

As expected, hunters and gun aficionados are up in arms.

One Canadian hunter stated how this new directive conflicted with an earlier law, “The opening paragraph to the discrimination section of the Canadian Human Rights Act. The newest “Assault Weapons” law that was just forced through Parliament without going through Parliament is in complete contravention of the act.”

A New Brunswick gun shop owner states he has $350,000 in inventory, and the banned guns will impact up to 60% of his overall sales.

This reaction by the leader of Canada is in response to a recent mass shooting that occurred in Nova Scotia, where 22 people died at multiple locations.

Small Arms Analytics & Forecasting (SAAF) reports that April 2020 sales in the United States surged over 70% from the same time last year.

CLICK HERE: SAAF April 2002 Release

Conservative Canadian Parliament Member, Cheryl Gallant, denounces Justin Trudeau having sunk to a new low. She continued, “Secretly passing an Order-In-Council to ban scary-looking firearms in the midst of a pandemic is wrong in so many ways it is almost hard to count.”

As a comparison to a leader in the states, she is similar to conservative impeachment standouts Congressman Jim Jordan (OH-4), Doug Collins (GA-27), or former South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy.

And then she accepts her own challenge, “But let’s try.”


Stripping Canadians of their property without debate is what they do in Communist China. Stripping Canadians of their property after limiting Parliament’s ability to question the government is an assault on basic democracy and responsible government.


Our debt and deficit have exploded as a result of the pandemic. Borrowing billions more to buy back scary-looking firearms is irresponsible. Diverting police resources to running a buy-back program seems like a policy designed to make Canadians less safe while increasing the risk to police officers of exposure to the coronavirus.


All Canadians are being asked to stay home. Now some Canadians will be asked to leave home, go to a centralized depot, then waiting in lines to turn in their firearms. Trudeau is forcing some Canadians to put their health at risk or else become a criminal.


Facing a once in a century pandemic, a responsible Prime Minister would be focused on keeping Canadians united, especially a one who came second place in total votes just a few months ago. He is using wedge politics to fire up his left-wing base and fill his party’s fundraising coffers.


A ban and buy-back program was dumb policy before the pandemic. There is no evidence to support this policy and plenty of evidence against it. Doing it during a pandemic seems designed to sow division and suspicion.


Time and again during this crisis, the Liberal reflex has been to overreach. Trying to seize tax and spend powers. Talk of censorship. So far, we have been able to pushback and stop these power grabs, but it is now clear for all to see that they won’t stop.

She then continues for the removal of the Minister of Public Safety by starting a petition to fire Bill Blair.

“When the Minister for Public Safety pushes a policy to make Canadians less safe, he has to go.” She ends her comments.

Help get the word out about this attack on law-abiding Canadians by signing the Petition to fire Bill Blair.

Gallant Petition at

People in the states are watching closely as to what happens north of the border. While the Constitution definitively protects the rights for people to own firearms in the Second Amendment, it has not stopped the left from trying to accomplish the same thing Trudeau did with a stroke of the pen.

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