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2 Young Girls Tossed From Border Wall and Abandoned



Dear Leftists,

You tell us that US Border Patrol & ICE are abusing children and that Trump creates the atmosphere that encourages this behavior, but consider this:

Two young girls are tossed from a height many times greater than their own– into a foreign country where presumably they can’t communicate in the country’s most common language and ABANDONED. These girls are then rescued by USBP and given medical aid and protection from those who did this to them.

Who are the abusers? Who are the creators of this atmosphere that encourages this behavior?

Before you give into the insatiable knee jerk urge to say that Trump is the one to blame here, let me point out a few facts:

  1. A proper border wall would not allow for this kind of disgusting ill regard for the lives of these two young girls. The perpetrators would end up looking like they lost a fight with a case of razor blades.**
  2. Trump has said that we wants legal immigration and asked anyone who would listen to come into the country the right way. Tossing young girls down from the top of the wall, abandoning them, then sneaking in the adults is not the proper way.
  3. Trump has said that many of the minors were either being trafficked in, were unaccompanied, or were being used as shields by people who were not their parents. You were only concerned by the mythical children in cages.
  4. Trump has told you that there is a crisis at the border. He has told you that some very bad people were coming over illegally. You said it was a manufactured crisis.

Tell me dear Leftists, what kind of people do you suppose those 10 people were that sneaked into our country Monday night?  These people apparently had no qualms about tossing two girls from the wall in order for them to go undetected.   Even worse is that they left them with these supposedly horrible people by your account, to do with God knows what.

Do you see people who would do this as people who will becoming law abiding, tax paying, productive citizens? Of course you don’t. You see them as votes in the 2020 election and beyond.

So, we leave you with this question again:  Who are the creators of this atmosphere that encourages this behavior?


Deplorable, Degenerate, Patriotic Americans Everywhere


**Sadly, the children would also look like they lost a fight with a case of razor blades. This info was omitted due to the left’s apparent lack of concern for children under the voting age as evidenced by recent legislation in New York, Virginia and other states.

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