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INDIVISIBLE WITH JOHN STUBBINS – Live Ready: A Guide to Personal Security in an Uncertain World



In a recent episode of “Indivisible with John Stubbins,” international security expert Sam Rosenberg discussed his new book, “Live Ready,” emphasizing the importance of personal security in the face of an uncertain world. A former Officer of the US Marine Corps and a close protection specialist for high-profile individuals, Rosenberg shared insights and experiences from his extensive career.

Rosenberg’s book, scheduled for release on December 11th, has already gained traction as it reached the number two spot on Amazon’s bestseller list. “Live Ready” is not just a book; it’s a guide designed to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills to navigate and protect themselves in today’s unpredictable environment.

The conversation delved into Rosenberg’s background, highlighting his role in safeguarding figures like Tom Cruise and Benjamin Netanyahu. The book extends beyond physical tactics, focusing on mental skill sets, observation, and recognizing potential dangers before they occur. Rosenberg emphasized the need for individuals to take responsibility for their safety, challenging the myth of helplessness and the misconception that violence is random.

Addressing the current societal dynamics, Rosenberg discussed the impact of the “woke” movement and its potential negative consequences. He stressed the importance of awareness and preparation, urging people to move beyond denial and equip themselves with the necessary tools to navigate a complex world.

As Rosenberg shared anecdotes about his experiences with high-profile clients, the conversation highlighted the relevance of personal security in various contexts. The book, “Live Ready,” emerges as a valuable resource for those seeking actionable strategies to protect themselves and their loved ones.