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INDIVISIBLE WITH JOHN STUBBINS: Military Veteran Matt Shoemaker Declares Candidacy for US Congress in North Carolina’s 13th District



In an exclusive interview on “Indivisible with John Stubbins,” Matt Shoemaker, a military veteran and lieutenant in the US Navy Reserves, announced his candidacy for the US Congress in North Carolina’s 13th District. Shoemaker, who also served as a civilian intelligence officer with the Defense Intelligence Agency, discussed his background, key issues, and his commitment to an “America first” agenda.

Shoemaker’s military journey began in 2019 when he was commissioned into the US Navy Reserves. Before that, he worked as a civilian intelligence officer with the Defense Intelligence Agency. He shared insights into his recent active-duty assignment, focusing on intelligence operations against Russian and Chinese activities in the Middle East.

John Stubbins, the host, delved into the political aspects of Shoemaker’s candidacy. The Republican candidate revealed that his opponent in the race is the incumbent, Mr. Wiley Nichol, a first-term Democrat and an attorney.

The conversation shifted to constituents’ concerns in North Carolina’s 13th District. Shoemaker highlighted the top three issues gathered during his campaigning efforts. The foremost concern is the state of the economy and inflation, with constituents feeling the impact of policies under the Biden administration. Border security, intertwined with issues like the drug epidemic and human trafficking, emerged as the second critical concern. Lastly, Shoemaker discussed the unexpected emotional charge around the issue of election integrity, emphasizing the need for faith in the electoral system.

Touching on national and international affairs, Shoemaker expressed frustration with the Biden administration’s handling of the Israel-Palestine conflict. He criticized Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s approach, asserting that dictating how another country conducts a war is unacceptable.

The conversation expanded to geopolitical challenges, with Shoemaker discussing Russia’s situation in Ukraine and expressing concern about China’s potential move on Taiwan. He underscored the importance of a strong defense sector and criticized the lack of transparency in the Pentagon’s budget.

The interview concluded with Shoemaker sharing his family’s deep military history, spanning generations, and expressing gratitude for the support and endorsement received.

For more information about Matt Shoemaker and his campaign, visit VoteMJS.com.