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INDIVISIBLE W JOHN STUBBINS Author Warns of “Radical Betrayal” Threatening American Exceptionalism



In a recent episode of “Indivisible with John Stubbins,” author Dr. Anders W. Edwardsson discussed his book “Radical Betrayal,” highlighting the erosion of American Exceptionalism from both the left and the right. Dr. Edwardsson, originally from Dallas and now residing in Tampa, explained the inspiration for his book and the trends he observes in American politics.

The conversation delved into the historical roots of America’s decline, tracing back to events like World War 1 and the Treaty of Versailles, which set the stage for subsequent conflicts and ideological shifts. Dr. Edwardsson expressed concern over the abandonment of the founding principles of the United States, emphasizing the dangers posed by radical ideologies on both ends of the political spectrum.

Drawing parallels between past and present, Dr. Edwardsson warned against repeating history’s mistakes and stressed the importance of learning from the past. He highlighted the role of figures like Woodrow Wilson and the impact of initiatives like the Great Society on America’s trajectory.

Throughout the interview, Dr. Edwardsson underscored the need to return to America’s exceptionalist heritage, advocating for reevaluating foreign policy and domestic priorities. He urged Americans to remain vigilant against forces that seek to undermine the nation’s core values, emphasizing the importance of preserving freedom, independence, and constitutional principles.