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GALLANT: Trudeau Doesn’t Want You To Travel



Justin Trudeau has broken a lot of promises:

  • cutting cellphone costs by 25%,
  •  planting a billion trees,
  • and not raising the Carbon Tax over $50 per tonne.

But there’s one promise he hasn’t broken.

That is his 2020 vow to make travel for Canadians as difficult as possible.

First you had to undergo the PCR tests. Then there were the covid ‘hotels’, where people went hungry, and instances of rape were reported.

Then inoculations were available, but even after two doses PCR tests were still required. Then the boosters came out, but again with all those shots PCR tests were still required. Then they replaced PCR tests with rapid tests.

You see, it’s not about safety.

It’s about Trudeau’s disdain for average Canadians to leave the country.

That’s supposed to be just for his jet-setting and resetting friends.

There’s another way he’s holding Canadians in our own country.

Denial of timely passport processing.

People are not getting their passports within the allotted 20 day time frame.

Even those, who sent in passport applications back in September, have not yet received their passports.

The public 1-800-568-6968 line is a 6 hour wait, being over 500th in line, only to have the call dropped when they’re down to being #17.

If passport applicants agree to a callback from the passport office, it’s a 2-day wait.

Applicants can go to the passport office to apply in person if they have an appointment, but no one contacts them with an appointment time.

Service Canada claims the delays are due to covid, while simultaneously claiming their offices are fully staffed.

Are these delays really the result of incompetence or is this Trudeau keeping his promise to make life difficult for Canadians?

Co-sign my letter to the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship of Canada urging him to address the backlog so Canadians can get back to living normally.


Cheryl Gallant, M.P.


Cheryl’s Twitter Feed



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