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CPAC 2024 – Theo Fleury: From Ice Rivalries to Political Ally



National Harbor, Md – CPAC 2024 – Former NHL star Theo Fleury, renowned for his achievements on the ice, made waves at CPAC 2024 as he advocated for conservative values, emphasizing his support for figures like Donald Trump and the fight against liberal ideologies.

Fleury, a Stanley Cup champion and gold medalist for Team Canada, joined Roger Farina on Citizen Media News, expressing his transformation from a sports figure to a staunch conservative advocate. While recounting his journey, Fleury highlighted the pivotal moment in 2015 when he witnessed Donald Trump’s presidential campaign launch, sparking his interest in politics.

Transitioning from a career in hockey to conservative activism, Fleury voiced concerns about societal values eroding and emphasized the importance of patriotism, family, and hard work. He painted a picture of Canada as a nation facing communist influences, rallying for change akin to the political shifts seen in the United States.

Discussing collaboration between Canada and the United States, Fleury underscored the significance of independent media and connecting with like-minded individuals at events like CPAC. He outlined his involvement with Canadians for Truth, Freedom, and Justice, a media company dedicated to disseminating authentic information.

Despite his past struggles, including battles with addiction and trauma, Fleury has emerged as a vocal advocate for mental health awareness and conservative principles. He credited his healing journey to confronting personal hardships and openly discussing his experiences.

Reflecting on his hockey career, Fleury reminisced about facing tough opponents and shared admiration for rival teams’ passionate fan bases. Through his platform, he aims to amplify conservative voices and unite individuals against what he perceives as a concerted effort to depopulate and undermine traditional values.

As Fleury continues his advocacy, his message resonates with conservatives both in Canada and the United States, bridging the gap between sportsmanship and political activism.