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CMN Endorsement: Two Navy Sailors Set to Take on Congress



Congressman-elect Mike Garcia

Mike Garcia just took back California’s 25th Congressional seat for the Republicans!

California neighbor, Joe Collins is running to win the 43rd district.

Meanwhile, across the country, on the other coast, Jarome Bell is seeking election in Virginia’s 2nd Congressional district.

They are three men running to serve our country and pledging to defend our Constitution.

However, the defense of our Constitution is nothing new to them.

Each served in the US Navy.

Mike Garcia, Congressman-elect, was a fighter pilot.

“My operational service in the Navy was the pinnacle of a career. While my family made great sacrifices the reward of serving our country and providing for its defense was well worth it,” said Garcia,

Garcia knows that our economy is strong in spite of government, not because of it. He will go to Congress to bat for our community to create a climate that brings good-paying jobs and economic activity.

This idea of creating a climate is what we need in congressional leadership. Creating this climate allows for long term job growth, not just bringing a few new jobs into the community.

CA-43 Candidate Joe Collins

Joe Collins, served as a trainer and mechanic on fixed and rotary-wing aircraft.

Citizen Media has met Joe and knows that he is a true patriot and will bring change, not only to California but our country.

In our country, there quite possibly could not be a more dynamic race than California’s 43rd.

The growth change in that district of having a staunch conservative leader like Joe take over will be incomparable to what is there now. The loss of Maxine Waters, one of the most outspoken liberals against Donald Trump and our conservative way of life, will be an incredible success for the Republicans.

Joe proclaims, “This time we want to talk about the men and women of every color and creed who live together and struggle together, and fight together in the same communities. The conditions of our district are a direct result of the poor leadership of Maxine Waters, that is why I intend to personally pursue rebuilding our district and creating more economic growth and development opportunities, which in return will significantly increase the quality of life of the residents in our district.”

These two great Patriots will give President Trump much needed firepower on the congress floor.

For these reasons, Citizen Media News is announcing its endorsement of both men.

However, in closing, it must be said: “Go Army, Beat Navy!”

Learn more about them on their sites:

Mike Garcia

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Joe Collins

Joe Collins For Congress




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