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Ventura County, California Officials Left Residents Scared Overnight



Ventura County, California officials left residents scared overnight due to a statement by County Health Officer, Robert Levin.

In this video, Mr. Levin starts with his comments about removing residents. Video finishes with his correction.

CMN had gotten reports that it appeared that officials would take residents from their homes dependent upon the COVID-19 situation versus hygienic facilities available in the household. His claim is that there may be a need to remove COVID-19 infected individuals from homes that have only one bathroom but multiple people where one of those people is actually infected.

However, Mr. Levin at the next briefing gave an apology as to his misspeaking. Although his apology is clear, further discussion afterward appears that the option will indeed be available to county officials.

The last two days of reported COVID-19 data can be found on CMN’s The Skinny Report

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