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VIDEO: Timp Pool, Three Democrat Reps Have Defected So Far



Democrats are on the run after a devastating round of Impeachment hearings in the US House that have been bombastic and highly corrupt, led by the Democrats.

Polling has shown that the longer talk of impeachment goes on, the more popular President Donald J. Trump becomes in the polls and in the court of public opinion, which is exactly what the Democrats do not need.

Moderates are fleeing the Democrat party and looking at Independent and Republican voting blocks for support.

Rep. Jeff Van Drew, who is up for re-election in 2020 has committed to leaving the Democrat party and joining the Republican party.  He has also committed to voting against the Democrat partisan impeachment.

According to the New York Times, popular youtube podcaster Tim Pool said, “Van Drew was being threatened with being primaried if he did not go along with the impeachment plans.”



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