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Patriot Starts “Talk Line” To Help Truckers Save America



While American Truckers work tirelessly this month to keep our supply lines moving along, an American patriot has started a Facebook page and business to assist Truckers on the road.

“My heroes have always been Truckers, in fact when I was a little girl my Barbies delivered bakery buns and I wanted to grow up to be a Trucker driver myself,” Teresa Lynn Harmon, founder of Truckers Talk-Line told Citizen Media.

“I want to give Truckers a friend on the other end,” Harmon said, “I want to do so much for them because they are serving America and are our greatest unsung heroes.”

According to her business web site, Truckers Talk’s mission is:

Whether on the road during down time or stopped for the night, if you need to talk to someone, we are here for you. Sometimes all we need is a friend on the other end! Share your stories, and enjoy talking to our positive, upbeat volunteers. This is a live communication with people who know or have family members working in the trucking industry.

On her Facebook Page, Harmon posted a photo she took and edited with,” When this storm passes, remember the ones who did not get to stop and wait it out,” she posted.


“Effort creates change by the willingness to make a difference in yours or someone else’s life.  I use that motto on the Trucker’s Talkline.  We want to make an effort for our drivers, and that includes a lot of military veterans” Harmon said.

President Trump recently talked about the importance that the Trucking industry is and Truckers are to his plan for America, during this national crisis with the Coronavirus.

Harmon is looking for volunteers and for people to sponsor talk lines.  Information and Paypal links are located on her website.   Her Facebook Page is HERE.

Harmon’s business page is located at:  Truckers Talk Line.

Harmon and her group have been handing out food cards, care packages and they have been active in “Adopt a Highway” clean up to show appreciation for Truckers, especially on exit 84 in Russellville Arkansas, over the past few years.

Harmon started her dreams to train and develop volunteers to chat with Drivers, about 4-5 years ago, she told Citizen Media.

“During this national crisis it feels like the perfect time to expand what I have already built,” she said.

“Truckers are a big family, to me and I love hearing their stories, and I know that talking to them while they drive provides them with a reason to finish that long trip,” Harmon said.

“My dream is to have many people for many drivers to chat with,” she said.

“I am just a patriot and I love my country, I want to help serve Truckers because they are important especially now. I have gotten help from the Small Business Administration, and I can’t wait to get started on this dream,” she said.



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