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Cowboy Up: “We Won’t Be Scared Into A Box, That Is What Communists Want”, Couy Griffen Talks About the American Spirit



Wednesday, Couy Griffen The Chairman of the Otero County Commission in New Mexico , known to Americans as the founder of Cowboys For Trump, posted a video on Facebook full of inspiration to homebound and concerned Americans.

“Do we have faith to trust in replacing a broken system with a new system we can starve back the government because they are starving us back?  Our Government is giving us wolves that kill our livestock,” Griffen said.

Griffen is often at odds with social justice warriors in political office in New Mexico and is a target of revenge for high level Democrats in his local state officeholders over Democrat policies that Griffen feels harm self-reliance and cause Government dependence.


Talking about the recent Coronavirus, Griffen turned out to make a video in nature, to talk about his point of view in a rural State where he hopes to educate people on turning from the Government for needs and being more independent.

“Perhaps we can start handling some things for ourselves. Tend to your heard, take care of the problem, we need to protect our private property, we are coming into an era we have never seen before

“My faith and hope is in the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.  I was on my knees before this video.  I prayed for the Lord to work thru me to bring a message of hope, seasoned with boldness,” said Griffen.

I don’t want to go back to where we were.  We are being censored, our preachers can’t say what is right.   I want to go Sadaling a horse of conviction and go off riding,” he said.


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