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Bill Robinson

INDIVISIBLE WITH JOHN STUBBINS: A Conversation with Bill Robinson – A Voice for Conservatism



In a recent episode of “Indivisible with John Stubbins,” John hosted Bill Robinson, a prominent figure in conservative media and a respected writer for Newsmax. This enlightening conversation covered a wide range of topics, offering viewers a glimpse into the life and perspective of this influential voice.

A Journey to Conservatism
Bill Robinson’s journey into conservative media began with a background in marketing, working for major corporations like GE. This experience gave him unique insights into the corporate world. However, his career took an unexpected turn when he founded his own marketing firm, Relentless Marketing. Here, he ventured into public relations, eventually finding himself on platforms like CNN, Fortune, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and the Financial Times. Robinson’s diverse portfolio transitioned seamlessly from business and technology to politics. He contributed columns to the Huffington Post for seven years, starting with critical pieces on Obama and later shifting to support Trump. Today, he continues to deliver Christian conservative columns for Newsmax and Real America’s Voice.

Trump and Robinson: A Unique Bond

Robinson’s association with President Trump underscores the human side of the former President. This connection didn’t happen overnight. Robinson humorously recounts his seven-year pursuit to secure an interview with Trump. He shared anecdotes about their encounters in New York in the 1980s. He highlighted Trump’s remarkable ability to make everyone he speaks to feel like the most crucial person in the room, a trait Robinson believes contributed to Trump’s election.

The Authenticity of President Trump

The conversation delved into Trump’s authenticity, dispelling the myth that he is solely interested in himself. Robinson emphasized Trump’s genuine care for others. He revealed that every conversation with the former President begins with inquiries about Robinson’s health and personal well-being. According to Robinson, Trump’s authenticity shines through, making these exchanges effortless and meaningful.

President Trump’s Humor and Wit

A lighthearted moment in the discussion centered around Trump’s humor. Robinson recalled a recent incident involving Trump and Chris Christie, highlighting Trump’s ability to handle criticisms with wit and charm. Instead of engaging in a verbal feud, Trump responded humorously, downplaying the situation, a testament to his unique communication style.

American Anarchy: A Call for Accountability

As the conversation shifted to serious matters, Robinson addressed the importance of his upcoming documentary, “American Anarchy.” He stressed the need to revisit the origins of the deep state’s actions, citing cases like those of General Flynn, Carter Page, and George Stephanopoulos. Robinson argued that the failure to hold those responsible accountable only encourages them to continue their actions.

A Plea for Legal Action

Robinson expressed his concern about a two-tiered justice system, exemplified by the lack of consequences for those involved in the FISA warrant scandal. He urged immediate and severe legal action against those who committed treason, asserting that this is the only way to preserve law and order in the country.

A Call to Action

As the interview concluded, Robinson and Stubbins highlighted the importance of getting involved in the fight for accountability and transparency. They urged Americans to take action, support conservative causes, and work towards restoring integrity in the justice system.

The conversation with Bill Robinson provided valuable insights into the world of conservative media and its essential role in holding those in power accountable. It serves as a reminder that the pursuit of truth and justice should always be at the forefront of any democracy.

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