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INDIVISIBLE WITH JOHN STUBBINS: Finchem & Mack – Discussions of Election Integrity and Border Crisis



“Indivisible with John Stubbins” hosted Sheriff Richard Mack and Mark Finchem, discussing various issues ranging from election integrity to the border crisis. Sheriff Mack and Finchem, influential figures in conservative circles, provided insights into their experiences and concerns during the broadcast. They shed light on the urgency of addressing these issues from their conservative perspective.

Election Integrity Takes Center Stage

Fresh off the Mike Lindell summit, Mark Finchem shared his observations on the event. He emphasized the need for action, not just rhetoric, among conservative patriots. One critical development he mentioned was deploying a device at major vote-counting centers to detect internet connections in ballot tabulation machines. This technological advancement is a significant defensive measure against potential tampering with election results.

Finchem also discussed an app for reporting irregularities, a critical tool for identifying potential election law violations. This app empowers citizens to take an active role in preserving the integrity of elections. This initiative resonates with conservatives who have raised concerns about election transparency since 2020.

Challenges at the Southern Border

Sheriff Richard Mack discussed the escalating crisis at the southern border. He lamented the catastrophic situation marked by rampant drug trafficking, exacerbated by the current administration’s lax immigration policies. The sheriff argued that the federal government’s failure to protect the border violates Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution, which obligates the government to safeguard states from invasion.

Sheriff Mack also raised concerns about terrorists infiltrating the country, expressing alarm over the growing presence of Middle Eastern terrorists collaborating with drug cartels. He underscored the urgent need to address border security.

A Flawed Judicial System

The conversation pivoted to issues within the judicial system. Sheriff Mack and Mark Finchem highlighted concerns about the grand jury process and prosecutors’ overreach. They criticized the lack of fairness and due process in grand jury proceedings, emphasizing that this undermines the accused’s rights and needs reform.

Additionally, they discussed how the courts have failed to address evidence related to election irregularities. Despite an abundance of verbal and written evidence, the courts have been reluctant to hear cases, causing frustration among conservatives.

Homelessness and Drug Epidemic in Phoenix

Mark Finchem drew attention to the growing homeless population in downtown Phoenix and the associated drug epidemic. He argued that a record number of deaths, particularly among children, are linked to drug abuse and called for urgent action to address these issues.

In Conclusion

These influential conservatives highlighted their dedication to addressing critical concerns around the nation at large. From election integrity to border security and judicial reform, their perspectives offered a glimpse into conservatives’ priorities in battleground states.

“Indivisible” serves as a platform for open dialogue and a call to action for conservatives concerned about the future of America.

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