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INDIVISIBLE WITH JOHN STUBBINS – Jaeson Jones: Border Security Concerns Escalate Amidst Surge in Honduran Migration & Nate Cain: Advocates for Parental Rights and School Accountability



In a recent episode of “Indivisible with John Stubbins’, host John Stubbins welcomed special guests Jason Jones, Chief Correspondent for Newsmax, and West Virginia Congressional Candidate Nate Cain.

Jones spends much of his time at the southern border and discusses the escalating crisis on the US-Mexico border. Jones, known for his unfiltered reporting on border security issues, painted a concerning picture of the situation unfolding in the region.

During an engaging conversation with host John Stubbins, Nate Cain shared his views on pressing issues, including parental rights and school accountability.

Since July 10th, the southern border has witnessed a significant surge in Honduran migrants, and the reasons behind this influx are not shrouded in mystery. Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas signed an exemption allowing Hondurans to enter the United States, and as a result, they have been arriving in substantial numbers.

To put the scale of the issue into perspective, in June, border patrol apprehended around 10,000 Hondurans between ports of entry. Following the exemption order, that number had surged to 23,000 by the end of July. With data from August still pending, it’s evident that the situation is rapidly worsening.

Jaeson Jones highlighted the impact of this surge on border communities. He shared video footage from the Texas DPS Elite Aircraft Division, which is actively patrolling the El Paso sector, where migrants are crossing from Juarez, Mexico, and being transported by smugglers to stash houses in El Paso due to the lack of infrastructure. This has resulted in dangerous pursuits and chaotic situations in the area.

The dire consequences extend beyond the border region. Recently, it was revealed that 17,688 migrants were held in border patrol stations, overwhelming the system. This forced border patrol agents to shift their focus solely to processing incoming migrants, leaving border cities more vulnerable to crime and security threats.

National security concerns loom large as well. Jones pointed out that Joint Terrorism Task Forces are currently searching for 15 individuals from Uzbekistan who crossed the border with an ISIS-affiliated terrorist. The whereabouts of these individuals remain unknown, highlighting the compounding national security failures at the southwest border.

Stubbins, the show’s host, emphasized that these issues were not unforeseen, and warnings had been issued for years. He expressed his frustration at the reluctance of some leaders to address the crisis effectively.

Jaeson reiterated that irregular migration is not the root cause; it’s the result of government policies. Policies such as exemptions for unaccompanied children and family units have fueled the surge. He stressed that many in Washington are aware of the situation but are not forthcoming with the truth.

The discussion underlined the urgency of the situation and the need for transparency. As the crisis continues to escalate, it becomes increasingly important for leaders to acknowledge the realities on the ground and address the national security risks associated with the porous border.

Nate Cain, who is running for Congress in West Virginia, began by discussing a new bill he is championing, which addresses parental rights in education. He emphasized the need for parents to have a say in their children’s education, especially in areas where personal values and beliefs intersect with school policies.

While his children are grown, Cain acknowledged that he recognizes many parents’ concerns today. Issues such as children being pulled out of classrooms for counseling sessions without parental consent, discussions related to gender-affirming care, and worries about indoctrination have fueled a growing demand for parental involvement in the education system.

“Parents have a right to know what is being taught to their children,” Cain asserted. He emphasized the importance of transparency in counseling sessions and the need for parents to choose schools that align with their values, advocating for school choice to foster healthy competition.

Another pressing issue discussed was that of transgender bathroom policies in schools. Cain pointed to a troubling incident in Loudoun County, Virginia, where a male student, identifying as female, was allowed to use the girls’ bathroom and subsequently committed sexual assault. This event highlighted the need for robust policies that prioritize safety.

One of the most alarming issues raised during the conversation was promoting sexually explicit content in school libraries. Cain described a disturbing trend involving books funded by the American Library Association and the NEA, which contain explicit material, including depictions of sexual acts, that would typically be unacceptable under FCC guidelines. These books have found their way into public school libraries, prompting outrage from parents.

To address these concerns, Cain and his campaign team crafted a bill to protect parental rights and ensure children are not exposed to explicit material in educational settings. The bill has garnered significant support from both legislators and concerned citizens.

Cain’s proactive approach to addressing these issues before even taking office demonstrates his commitment to serving the best interests of his constituents. He emphasized the importance of working diligently to earn the voters’ trust rather than demanding it.

In conclusion, the episode shed light on the dire situation at the southern border, with a particular focus on the surge in Honduran migration and its far-reaching consequences. As concerns about border security and national security continue to mount, the need for a comprehensive and transparent response from government officials becomes ever more pressing. The episode also shed light on the critical issues surrounding parental rights and school accountability in West Virginia. Cain’s advocacy for transparency, parental involvement, and child safety in the education system underscores the significance of these concerns and his dedication to addressing them effectively. As he continues his campaign for Congress, Cain’s commitment to his constituents’ concerns serves as a testament to his dedication to public service.



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