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National Rock Show



You must know it, and you must feel it. What happened to the America we once knew? What happened to small town celebrations, neighbors helping neighbors, homecoming parades, covered dishes after church and tears for the National Anthem? Are they gone forever? Not if we stand together.

Welcome to National Rock Show. Welcome to a pure rock band who celebrates God, Country, Family and Freedom that our forefathers died to protect. What started as a dream of four musicians who wanted a band with purpose, became a band with a dream to change the course of our great United States of America.

National Rock Show embraces the simple life and heart and soul of Americans. Fronted by singer/songwriter Mark Isom the pioneer and rockstar of the band, Mark’s lyrics frame the band’s theme of faith and hope with a powerful voice pleasant to ears of all ages. Mark is the band’s anchor and centerpiece who leads the celebration and signature July 4th patriotic performance.

Representing the blue collar worker is none other than guitarist Rich Rock. A native of Pittsburgh with steel in the veins, Rich embodies the hard work and underdog grit of the American worker. With LA style riffs and storytelling solos, Rich’s high gain guitar technique produces a sound unique to NRS that is born out of the 40hr work week.

From the same small town as the Isom brothers in NC, Julian Clay has always loved the showmanship of country music stars from the golden age. Rounding out the percussion department Julian grew up inspired by country music, western gunfights, and the grit of the American Cowboy. Julian is the powerhouse that drives the band and ignites the energy for fist pumping rock and roll with a wild west feel.

As a soldier in God’s army and a heartfelt tribute to the veteran heroes, we introduce Randy “Thunderbass” Isom. Randy wears the military colors in homage to all the great men and women who have made the great sacrifice and have served in our great armed forces. A powerful songwriter and dangerously grooving bass player, Randy shapes the band’s sound for a truly melodic bass guitar approach with tight vocals aside brother Mark and truly memorable performance.

Right now, National Rock Show needs you! Stand up, be heard and let freedom ring. Help us spread the word, help us sing our songs, and PRAY for OUR GREAT PRESIDENT, OUR NATION, and THAT OUR GOD WILL LEAD US BACK TO PEACE & MORAL GREATNESS!

National Rock Show

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