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Patriotism and Political Engagement: The Proud Boys’ Perspective: Enrique Tarrio



Dallas, Tx – May 2021

Patriotism and Political Engagement: The Proud Boys’ Perspective

In an exclusive interview with Enrique Tarrio, the leader of the Proud Boys, we delved into their perspective on the nation’s state and plans. While the Proud Boys have faced their fair share of controversy and media scrutiny, Tarrio provided insights into their beliefs, actions, and political aspirations.

Despite their reputation, the Proud Boys describe themselves as a “study group for art students,” emphasizing their commitment to peaceful and law-abiding engagement. In the interview, Tarrio touched on several key topics:

Momentum and Inspiration: Tarrio expressed his optimism about the current momentum within the conservative movement, particularly the America First movement. He highlighted the dissatisfaction with the establishment, both in the Republican and Democratic parties, and the belief that this discontent will continue to grow.

The Impact of COVID-19: Tarrio noted that the pandemic had a significant impact on awakening people to the effects of government policies on their daily lives. Many previously politically neutral individuals were drawn into the political sphere due to the pandemic’s economic, social, and personal implications.

Focusing on Local Elections: The Proud Boys’ leader emphasized the importance of focusing on local races, especially within the Republican Party. He encouraged their supporters to engage in grassroots efforts to secure GOP seats, believing that many local races are “easy to win” with sufficient enthusiasm and participation.

The Future of the Proud Boys: Tarrio explained that the Proud Boys have always had contingency plans for different political scenarios and are currently adjusting their strategies. While maintaining their core values of fellowship and brotherhood, they are expanding their political activism, particularly in contested seats.

Tarrio also addressed the criticism and legal challenges the Proud Boys faced following the events of January 6th. He highlighted the charges brought against some members as disproportionate to their actions during the Capitol breach.

As the interview continued, Tarrio discussed the inspiration behind the Proud Boys’ actions and their commitment to their beliefs. He defended their response to what they perceived as government overreach and criticized the media for not understanding their perspective.

Tarrio also hinted at the possibility of running for political office, stating he might consider a run for a seat in 2022. He emphasized his intent to run in a highly contested district and signaled his readiness to engage in the political process to promote America First principles.
In response to online comments, Tarrio and his associates remained unfazed, emphasizing their dedication to their cause and their belief in the principles they represent.

The interview with Enrique Tarrio provided a unique insight into the Proud Boys’ worldview and their determination to remain engaged in American politics, even in the face of challenges and controversies. Their focus on local races and their willingness to participate in the democratic process demonstrate their commitment to effecting change from within the system they critique.


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