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Al Sharpton Announces Funeral Postpone For Fort Worth Woman- Always In The Game



Saturday, a well known “grievance industry” profiteer was heard in Fort Worth Texas, following the tragic death of a black woman, Atatianna Jefferson, who was shot by a police officer.  Sharpton was scheduled to speak at Jefferson’s funeral today, which was postponed.

“The funeral has been postpone because of a family dispute. This is not over. We are going to come and get what is ours,” Alfred Charles Sharpton Jr. said.

Sharpton was broadcasted over the loudspeaker with the organizers of the funeral memorial service, saying he would be in Fort Worth on Wednesday.


Jefferson was 28 years old and she was playing video games with her 8-year-old nephew in her own home at the time of her tragic death. The community has turned out to protest.  Tensions are being stired by Shaprton and other Democrats who see an opportunity to promote themselves.


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