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The Burden of Man



What is happening right now with the escalation of violence & racism?

Specifically, what is in the works right now, and what has been in motion for decades and more contemporarily, since Obama was in office. It is all coming to fruition as of late with anarchy within, the destruction of our cities, and specifically targeted racism towards whites (mostly white males).

The fact that our society has devalued human life over the past few decades is a crucial point. This idea is undeniable.

Those on the left side of the political spectrum have always purported to hold the moral high ground when it has to do with the value of human life and human rights. They have always attempted to take the intellectual high ground in this regard.

Claiming those on the right side of the political spectrum are selfish and do not care about human rights, human life, climate change/global warming (or whatever it’s called right now).

There are many reasons why this theory is fallible. The fact that conservatives are by far more charitable than the left. The truth is that conservatives have always fought for human rights. They are the very reason for the abolition of slavery in our country and its reduction around the world. There is a current, active slave trade in Africa. Black African slaves, owned by black Africans and Muslims in Africa.

Media & entertainment has devalued human life. Our society, especially our youth, has desensitized to the emotions connected with death and the continued devaluing of human life. This dynamic has occurred mainly by the overabundance of online programming, media, entertainment, and violent video games.

The most heinous result of our society’s desensitization to violence, death, and devalued human life is the termination of unborn babies. Since its inception as a technique for terminating unwanted pregnancies, abortion has claimed over sixty-one million babies.

One might say, killed, even murdered.

Many would also say that.

Those who purport to be human rights activists are complicit in this horrific genocide. Claiming it all in the name of women’s rights, women’s choice and women’s health.

Giving this genocide an innocuous name – “Abortion.”

The decision of abortion is as disposable as if you aborted a decision to go to a movie.

“Women’s rights?”

Is an unborn child, not the son or daughter of a father? The father, ultimately, has no choice in the decision to kill his unborn child.

However, if the baby is born, he must financially support that child, whether he wanted the baby or not.


“Women’s health?”


Over 93% of abortions have absolutely nothing to do with a woman’s health concern. Abortions are mostly carried out purely because the pregnancy is, in reality, inconvenient. 93% is most likely, undervalued due to health issues being over-reported.

“Women’s rights?”


Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger, created that organization specifically to control the black population. How utterly disgusting and completely degrading. How does this apply to women’s rights?

It is one of the leading platforms of the left that it is a right.

We are learning in science that an unborn baby is a human life, living, breathing, conscious, able to hear, connect, and bond with their mother’s voice at an incredible early timeframe.

A living brain.

A beating heart.

Democrats are now passing legislation in state after state giving mothers the “right” to end a newly born baby’s life at the discretion of the mother and the delivering physician.

Not in the womb but a newborn baby.

The Oxford Language Dictionary defines, infanticide, as “the crime of killing a child within a year of birth.”

In other words, it is baby murder?

As we evolve as a society, this will go down as one of the most disgusting, sad, heinous, murderous, evil things ever imagined in our history.

Rampant infanticide is one issue that has allowed for the paving of the way for the normalization of violence, hatred, murder, and, subsequently, the wave of racism that is occurring across our country.

Targeted as a segment of our society is the white male. Our culture is rapidly normalizing all of this.

Violence begets violence.

An unknown number is the blacks murdered by other blacks every year that could be as high as six to seven thousand.


Across the country, dozens of people killed in weekend shootings in major urban cities run into the ground after decades of liberal-leaning Democrat leadership.


The left side of the political spectrum, across our country, has normalized all of this hate, racism, and violence.

Worse still is they have conjured up reasons for the justification, the rationalization, and the normalization of these acts blaming the white male. They are citing reasons of inherent white racism, systematic white racism, white privilege, and the white male patriarch, blaming all the inequities in black society on the oppressive white male.

All, with absolutely no scientific proof.

This is debunked since the highest average income earners now in the U.S. are Asians, Pakistanis & (Eastern) Indians. How would that even be possible in a white-racist society? How could that be possible?

It’s not.

The U.S. is one of the least racist countries in the world. Hours could be spent on the topic of the intentional oppression of black society by Democrats to retain the vote and, therefore, power.

We have ultimately devalued human life, so much that death, murder, and violence are now normalized.

Is it possible that more horror, death, and murder could continue into our future?

The left operates with all the necessary tools for the weaponization of hate, murder, vengeance, division, and racism.

If the left is quite ok with facilitating and propagating the murder of more than sixty-one million babies, they would most likely be capable of fabricating racist against their so-called common enemies. Could they put the white-male into concentration camps and start their own genocide and a new holocaust?

Oppressive dictators of the past have planted seeds of hatred and racism into the minds of their peoples.

Similarly, the Black Lives Matter movement along with the agenda of the left, has been very successful in planting the seed of racism and hate within our current societies. BLM never needed real racism or even proof of wide-spread, white-male racism. They only had to create the perception and convince a large number of people, especially after a tragic event gripped the nation.

Dictators of the wars of the last decade have said, “If you tell a lie big enough and just keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

It started with President Obama.

It has continued by BLM and the left sycophants.

As stated earlier, we may just be in the early stages of our own horrific genocide epidemic.


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