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Its time to take a stand!



Make no doubt about it America the revolution has begun, and it’s one-sided.

Many Republican politicians have become worthless; lawlessness is now a plague in several cities.

Statutes of our founding fathers destroyed; parts of a Seattle, New York, Minnesota, and Portland have been occupied, and police do nothing while armed thugs roam the streets, and people are being assaulted, murdered, and raped.

We can no longer trust the mainstream media to report the truth, and Patriotic Constitutional Americans have become the enemy of the left.

Black children have been slaughtered and ignored in Democrat-run cities.

Democrat politicians have attempted a coupe on a duly elected President.

When do we rise up, when have we had enough?

Our lives are at stake. Our country is at risk. It’s finally time to wake up and give our alleged leaders an ultimatum.

Republican politicians rise up. We need you to show us real leadership by restoring law and order, or we will.

It is also time for citizen Republicans and Conservatives to stand up and be heard; to get involved and defend the American way of life.

If the Democrats take both houses and the White House in November, we have nothing but hell to look forward too.

Democrats will not even protect the liberals who voted for them in these cities, so they will do nothing to protect Trump supporters if they win.

We will have to defend ourselves from their tyranny.

It could be the end of the Republic as we know it.

Constitutional Americans will not stand for the socialist and anarchist’s tyranny!

Let us not forget that the mainstream media is more than guilty of defending these anarchists and rioters, and their culpability in this tyranny must be addressed!

We must not allow the Democrats who support domestic terrorists like BLM and ANTIFA, who have become the American ISIS to destroy our country, and we will most certainly not let the Democrats turn our country into a socialist disaster!

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