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Bo Hines




Citizen Media News is proud to announce its next endorsement. Exciting Congressional Candidate running in North Carolina’s 13th District, Bo Hines.

Watch as Conservative Coalition Host, Jim Womack, introduces Bo at their annual banquest.


From Bo’s Website:

I’m running for Congress to fight for the great people of North Carolina’s 13th district.

To fight for fair trade, creating and protecting good jobs and economic opportunities. To fight to invest in our infrastructure and negotiate quality affordable healthcare. To fight for regulation reform that simplifies business. To fight against the tyranny of mobs and big tech companies that want to take away our God-given rights. And to fight to make sure your vote is counted at the ballot box and your voice is heard in Washington DC.

Over the next few months, I’m going to spend all of my time traveling the 13th district. I hope to meet and talk to every single one of you. I want to hear your stories, learn about your struggles, and talk about how we can unleash our district’s great potential.





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