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Meet Max Ganorkar for Congress (R, NC-02)



Why am I targeting NC’s Second Congressional District?

God works in mysterious ways! Hindsight is 2020, and I can see how He broke the mould and set me on a very different path than normal. A baby born in a remote village in India with no running water, or electricity, is standing up today to fight for the best nation God gave men!  And that too against very powerful, anti-American forces, I hope God has a good ending to my story. Please pray that God turns our campaign in an educational campaign, and gives rise to patriotically minded immigrants and minorities.

Democrats are using immigrants to turn America into a socialist/communist country. They have also created a massive disinformation industrial complex  with the help of media, academia, the entertainment industry, big tech, and big businesses to “vaporize” facts about US history and current events. Just like Orwell’s 1984 (a must watch), immigrants are ginned up to “hate” white folks, Christians, conservatives, US military and American patriots.

The biggest whitewashed lie told to immigrants is about the real tyrannical racists (KKK) in America and race-baiting policies of the segregationist. Who are/were they?  Please watch this eye opening documentary.  


Educational tidbit: Bet you didn’t know this! For congressional races, candidate doesn’t have to live in the district he/she wants to represent. In an attack on President Trump, Washington comPost lays it out. When elected, I will join the ranks of Rep. Maxine Water (D-CA), George Holding (R-NC) and 20+ representatives in congress who do or did not reside in the district they represent(ed). They, of course, took the route of political expediency to gain power, control, and personally benefit from it from the district that favored their party. I, on the other hand, am running to flip a democrat seat held by a democrat in a democrat district. I promise to go that extra mile to save this great nation.

I am a man on a mission, running for Congress from the  Second District, which houses one of the largest concentrations of immigrants in NC.  The Second District was formally Republican, but was gerrymandered to favor democrats. Somehow, RINOs and Democrats think that immigrants are America-hating, handout recipients, feeble minded, Godless, vacant of virtues that are befitting to be democrats as a voting block.  Instead of campaigning in these districts to show immigrants and minorities the brighter side of America, RINOs run from the challenge. Unlike them, I REFUSE to give up.  

Sadly, many immigrants don’t take the time to understand US history, and the US Constitution, and end up voting for the very socialist policies that drove them out of their own native lands. Most immigrants are God fearing, family loving conservatives; all we have to do is show them the brighter side of this great nation to make them America loving patriots! Immigrants are not stupid, simply misinformed. It won’t be long for them to learn the truth once they know how they have been duped by the Democrats, and their intelligence marginalized.

It is my intent to help immigrants “live the dream” by showing them the exceptional America.  I will help immigrants assimilate with God-loving patriotic America. This country is worth fighting for, and I am willing to put up that fight.

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