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Grow up, Beto!!!




All governments (including our own USA) spy on and attempt to influence the actions of other nations. The size and scope of these programs is about proportional to a nations size and security interests.

On the part of the USA, this is an integral part of national security policy and planning efforts to protect and defend our nation and our people. Hopefully our apparatus for doing this is “top of the line”. Certainly, our competitors hold the same or similar view.

Beto (I would say Mr. O’Rourke but you seem to prefer a “hip”, informal style), a truly honest and transparent politician would let the American people know the truth on this issue and pledge to ensure that our intelligence and counterintelligence systems will be be as effective as possible to protect us and our system of government.

A little more honesty and a lot less theatrics might actually be a good idea insofar as our political process is concerned.

-The Colonel

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