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Election 2020

VIDEO: Jon Hollis Running To Unseat Adam Schiff And “Make Hollywood Golden Again”



Wednesday, Citizen Media spoke with Republican Congressional Candidate Jon Hollis, who is working to unseat Democrat Adam Schiff.  Schiff has been in the US House of Representatives since 2001 and is the leader of an unlawfully attempted overthrow of President Donald J. Trump.

“Republicans need to fight and raise Hell, and show we have not given up our state,” Hollis told Citizen Media.

“Some of the main issues of my campaign are rent control, and a high cost of living that will continue to rise with the Democrats in power.  In 2019, alone California raised 32 taxes.  While people are busy going to work and doing what they do, there is more money coming out of their paycheck as the Democrats quietly use their supermajority to take more money,” Hollis said.

“The past generation of lawmakers have not been as effective as they said they would be. Lawmakers don’t know what to work on. We have a lot of people who make a lot of money and have no party affiliation due to the negative branding of both parties.  My district is full of my own demographic and we don’t trust anyone.  That proves that we need new candidates, ” he said.

“The voter in CA 28 has grown tired of the leadership and we want real change. We have to address homelessness, crumbling infrastructure and the cost of living. We have to address mental health issues too.  I believe that mental health is the root cause of many of the issues we have right now,” Hollis said.

“I support President Trump’s ideas for fixing the infrastructure. I agree we need to partner with private groups like they are doing with the wall on the southern border right now,” he said.

Schiff, a fact witness in the case,  has been leading the US House of Representatives to apply undefined impeachment inquiries into Trump’s illegally leaked and monitored phone calls with the President of Ukraine.

Schiff is manipulating the Whistleblower laws for purley partisan purposes in a highly unpopular attempt to re-do the 2016 Presidential election and damage Trump going into the 2020 election.



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