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EDITORIAL: A Rock and a Hard Place – 08/26 to 09/11



Watch the video below. Thanks, Noah for putting this story together.

It’s not just why have so many forgotten?

But why have so many defended the tyranny against us both foreign and domestic?

Heck, not just on the federal level but when we let it go awry at the state level, what do you expect?
The funny thing is that on the afternoon of 9/11, I was in Geibelstadt Germany. I had a night flight that evening so I was driving onto base mid-afternoon. On AFN radio it stated that a small plane had hit one of the twin towers. I thought to myself, it was no B-25 that the old girl, the Empire State Building, withstood in 1945.
Then I got to the flight planning room.
Then it got worse.
And I have never forgotten.
But this nation surely seems to have forgotten.

How can I still cry when I see these reports? It’s only been 20 years.

If this was last year, Trump would be in handcuffs already?

Why should it surprise me that there is no response?

Especially when this is the type of response we get from not just the leaders of our party but the faithless followers.

-Leader of the NCGOP gets convicted of a felony.
Oh, leave him alone he is old.
-The second in command of the NC House pleads guilty to a felony.
Response from one of his staffers?
If you were in the same situation as he was you would have [committed a felony] too.
-Found out another leader was convicted of unspeakable acts and went to jail.
We continue to put him in positions of power.
-Talk of voter integrity yet the organization sits back and lets known corruption occur. Hypocritical much? Absolutely.
Yet bands of people sit here supporting the bands of tyranny, corruption, and treason on, oh so many levels.
So why should we expect the governmental leadership, not just in a single party, but in both parties (as my friend Marc pointed out) to speak out and take action when a horrific act of treason occurs by this seated head of state?
Headlines from Virginia Schools read:
“The Virginia Department of Education posted a training video instructing teachers to avoid promoting American exceptionalism during 9/11 lessons”
We are not EXCEPTIONAL? The hell we aren’t.
This ain’t no phone call. This is the direct aiding of our enemies and the abandonment of American Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, and citizens.
$85 Billion.
That will be a lot of American lives in the future.
Why should we expect this when we can’t even do it at the grassroots level? Why should we expect it when we can’t even hold our grassroots efforts to a standard?
I will not go gently into this good night. I will not remain quiet.
Enough is enough.
I have been asked over and over. What does Make America Great Again mean?
For me, it simply means not just the courage and faith in America that my Grandfather and his generation of warriors had when they went to fight the Nazis and Imperialistic Japan.
It was the country that rallied around our flag in the shadows of tragedy.
It was my grandmother working at a plane factory on Long Island. I true Rodie the Riveter.
I see this in many today but the voices and the hate of the contrarianism is so much louder.

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