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A continuing work in progress. We reserve the rights to change the game in mid-stream.

The mission of Citizen Media News (CMN) is a simple one; Defending our Constitution through the use of Citizen Journalists (CJs).

We go about accomplishing this mission by largely focusing on conservative values that we believe represent the ideology of the governing document that our Founding Fathers gifted to us.

How do we do this?

We continue with the revealing of media sourced through other outlets. Sometimes identifying true conservatism or sometimes calling out hypocrisy of a general disingenuous attitude towards reporting.

It’s not just up to us to share stories. We want CJs to jump right in.

The main focus is the development of these CJs through out the country and even the world to bring a new flair of information distributed to the masses.

We will ask folks who have a grassroot activist spirit with conservative values to reach out to their communities to report not only on the events about their town but to go to governmental sessions to report on the goings on that most people do not get to see. State, county, district, and town are all places we need CJs to report on.

Pictures, videos, Facebook, Facebook Live, and Twitter are just a few of the mediums we will reach out to the world.

We will be looking for CJ made media, art, literature, video and audio presentations. We hope you can communicate in your own unique way. This will help us perform the proper vetting needed to issue our conservative voice is pure.

Have you seen the power of a short video that gets shared?

Who will sign up first? We will assist with web-space, facebook and twitter.

All we need from you is the data. We can help. We will sort it out on our website by region eventually drilling down to your local levels.

That’s it in a nutshell. Now the next step, if you are interested, is to send an email to