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CPAC 2024

CPAC 2024 – Conservative Candidates Kim Klacik & Mike Allers Discuss Immigration, Big Tech & Domestic Issues on ‘Discussions of Truth’



National Harbor, MD – CPAC 2024 –

In a recent episode of “Discussions of Truth” hosted by Ian Trottier, conservative congressional candidate Kim Klacik and state representative Mike Allers engaged in a conversation touching upon the nation’s critical issues. The episode provided a platform for Klacik, a congressional candidate from Maryland, and Allers, a delegate candidate from West Virginia, to articulate their perspectives on immigration, extensive tech censorship, and domestic concerns.

Klacik, known for her vocal stance on immigration reform, emphasized the need to address the crisis at the southern border and its impact on communities like Baltimore, citing the fentanyl epidemic and taxpayer-funded housing for illegal immigrants as pressing issues. She advocated for more vigorous enforcement measures, including deportation of illegal immigrants already present in the country.

Echoing Klacik’s concerns, Allers highlighted the correlation between illegal immigration and the fentanyl crisis in West Virginia, emphasizing the need for decisive action to combat both issues. He also condemned extensive tech censorship, likening it to a “big brother” scenario and calling for the aggressive breakup of tech monopolies.

The conversation delved into foreign policy, with both candidates expressing skepticism towards the United Nations and advocating for a more America-centric approach. They also discussed the social credit system and expressed reservations about government overreach during pandemic-related lockdowns.

Addressing questions about vaccination, Klacik emphasized personal choice and criticized the politicization of the issue, while Allers emphasized the importance of focusing on American interests first.

In concluding remarks, Klacik reiterated her commitment to an America-first agenda and emphasized the need for fresh political voices to address pressing issues. Allers echoed her sentiments, underscoring the importance of grassroots activism in effecting meaningful change at the federal and state levels.

The episode gave viewers insights into the conservative candidates’ policy priorities and highlighted their commitment to addressing critical issues facing their respective constituencies.