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Amfest 2023

NOEL ROBERTS: Disturbing Testimonies Emerge at AMFEST 2023: Parents Advocate Against Child Gender Assessments and Sterilization



Conservative Activists Reveal Shocking Cases of Parental Rights Violations

At the AMFEST 2023 event hosted by Turning Point USA at the Phoenix Convention Center, an interview with conservative activists Adam and Ben shed light on distressing issues surrounding parental rights, child gender assessments, and alleged sterilization practices. Hosted by Noel Roberts, the conversation delved into the challenges parents face, particularly in California, as they navigate legal battles and advocate for their children’s well-being.

Adam, identified as the Dad Army, shared a heartbreaking personal account of losing custody of his son after expressing concerns about the child’s gender identity. The interview unveiled the emotional toll on Adam, who claimed to be denied visitation rights and hindered from participating in gender assessments. His plea for representation and the opportunity to voice his concerns in court was met with apparent resistance.

Ben, associated with Socal Parent Advocates and Dad Army, emphasized the urgency of parental activism in light of what they perceive as a coordinated effort to introduce radical gender ideologies in schools. The conversation highlighted the creation of the Socal Parent Coalition, comprising 150 parental rights activists across Southern California, who are successfully working on parental rights resolutions.

A significant call to action emerged during the interview, urging parents and concerned citizens to join the fight against what they label as an “epidemic” of radical gender ideology being imposed on children. The activists urged support through social media, website development, legal expertise, and financial contributions.

Key points discussed included:

Parental Notification Resolution: Advocacy for laws requiring schools to notify parents when a child expresses a gender identity other than their biological sex.

Sterilization of Minors: A call to prohibit sterilization procedures, puberty blockers, and gender surgeries on minors.

California Parent Friday: An initiative to gather 1.5 million signatures for a 2024 ballot measure to enforce parental notification and protect children from gender-related interventions.

The interview underscored the challenges faced by parents dealing with the controversial issue of gender identity and the need for a united front to safeguard parental rights.

In an emotional interview at AMFEST 2023, activists Adam and Ben shed light on the challenges faced by parents dealing with child gender assessments and alleged sterilization practices. Their call to action emphasized the need for united parental activism against what they perceive as a radical gender ideology imposed on children.